Balik kampung

We are back home, in KK for a week. Abu is away on a business trip to Vietnam for 2 weeks. It’s good to be back home and do nothing but eat and sleep…

Pregnancy update:

Still very much sick. The nausea should stop around this month but it don’t look like it’s gonna slow down any time soon. If this continues until the end of the pregnancy, I think THIS IS IT!!! 2 is enough! Sobsobsob…

Baby K’s update:

Budak ini sangaaaaaaaaaaat noti… She behaves when she’s with her bibik, but as soon as she sees me, aiyo… Me being very tired and lethargic nowadays cannot layan her as much as I’d love to. So, I have to stay in my room quietly, or else she’ll be asking me to carry her up and down the stairs (here in KK la…). And if I scold her, she will start to bergolek-golek on the floor and  cry. Dunno la where she got the temper from… Heheheheh…

Okla… Need to go and puke my head off… Very aneroxic of me… I love you all and I miss you!

3 thoughts on “Balik kampung

  1. pyerudz says:

    khadeja (did i spelled it right?) knows she’s going to have a brother/sister tak lama lagi. and of course all eyes will be on her rival sibling. itu yang dia buat perangai for attention tu… i guess lah.
    anyway, selamat mengandung! hehehe…

  2. “she will start to bergolek-golek on the floor and cry” tak tau kenape,but statement ni buat aku gelak golek-golek.Alahai, comelnyer si Kady.Well, she is at that stage of ‘testing’ the mommy’s patience to the max.

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