Aku yang teramat fed up

Words of encouragement does not help at all!

Orang kata, ‘bersabar’ or ‘try not to think about it’ or ‘when the baby comes, everything will be ok’. I say, ‘WATEVER!!!!!!!’… I just want this nausea and giddiness and body ache to go away NOW! Iskiskiskisk…

Ok… Must take out all this negative aura… Not good for baby and me… I need to watch a good love story or at least a 2 hour massage.

One thought on “Aku yang teramat fed up

  1. Aidilz says:

    alahai.. words of encouragement doesn’t help?
    aik?! where’s the ‘zen’?

    huhu.. I’m still looking for mine..
    tu yg ter’depressed’ tu. 😛

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