Mengantuk tahap 8 juta!

I hardly sleep last nite. Had a huge migraine but can’t take any ubat penenang due to pregnancy. Hence, me not sleeping much. And Baby K decides to wakey wakey at 4am today. What a great start!!!

I’m currently in a training session and basically is running on a quarter of battery power. I hope by the time it gets to my session to talk, I will be ABLE to talk. If not, I won’t be able to proceed with the next method of communication, which is sign language because the training is actually over the phone between KL and Singapore. I was supposed to go to Singapore but we had to cancel the trip due to a lot of complications. I am actually thankful (not happy, but thankful) that we didn’t have to go because I’m too exhausted to travel for now. I need a vacation from last week’s vacation. Does that make sense?

Anyhoo, I was watching season 2 of GA yesterday. I was laughing so hard when Christina started crying like mad and started shouting ‘sedate me!’. I now find that McDreamy is very boring. Meredith is too pushy. I love Alex and Christina. And Izzie is so whiny. George is hilarious. Burke is very attractive. And yes, I think I’m very much obsessed with the show already. But not up to my obsession towards Supernatural and X-Files. Those 2 shows are at super-geek-trekkies level of obsession.

Okla… I think I’ve entertain you enuff. Now, I shall proceed to do my best talent which is sleeping with my eyes open. I had a lot of practise during my uni years…

2 thoughts on “Mengantuk tahap 8 juta!

  1. Yup, I do understand that part when you need a vacation after your vacation because during vacation we would normally do things we wouldn’t or don’t have time to do. And being away from works makes you feel like you don’t wanna come back to work at all haha that’s what I felt after my snorkelling trip in Pulau Lang Tengah. Anyway, what’s up with Mrs. C?

  2. oi.. memang ketinggalan sungguh kamu ini.

    anywho- i abhor GA for the same reasons i abhor allymacbeal. both have leads that are whiney, self-absorbed and thinks everything must revolve around them

    house. that’s my type of medical movie – used to watch that other medical series.. err hope err ape tah nama nye.. but just for george clooney

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