I’m not rude!

I’m actually very polite. I say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’. I’m also very pleasant and my gorgeous smile will definitely brightens up your day. If you are my friend or been reading my blog, you notice one unflattering bad trait that I have; temper. My temper is legendary…

As always, I take NPE to and fro everyday. Every single time I pass the toll booth, I will say ‘terima kasih’ and smile at the toll collector person. Sometimes, I get them smiling back at me, sometimes I get those who I feel like their faces macam kena tampar malaikat. So yesterday, I was rushing back to avoid the jam and fighting my sleepiness. Since my touch n go had ‘0’ balance, I had to pay manually. I’m not usually very clumsy but yesterday all the money fell on me and since it’s the end of the month, most it was duit syiling (kesian kan?)… As the toll collector person put out her hand and waited (not patiently) for the duit, she was complaining to her friend; ‘kalau dah tahu nak bayar, siap2 la duit tu dulu’. I think she didn’t mean for me to overheard the conversation. So I just sat there, in my car, and decided to pay her Rm1.60 in syiling. Taking my own sweet time to calculate the 5, 10 and 20 sen that was everywhere around me. And guess what the girl say to me? ‘Kak, boleh cepat sikit tak?’. Talk about customer servicing…

Guess what I did? Guess… Guess! You would never in your right mind, could’ve guessed my next action. I actually gave her the money, smile and say ‘terima kasih kerana menunggu.’…

So who’s mean now?????????????

9 thoughts on “I’m not rude!

  1. “kene tampar malaikat” hahahahahahahahah .omigawd, that ‘s a good line!

    I say my p’s and q’s as well, when at the toll booth.because, being a person in the customer service industry, any words of kindness and sincerity DO make a difference.sape tak ndak a kind gesture lah kan?and if i’m in a state of euphoria, i even pay for the car behind me, with the hope that the minah/mamat tol booth amanah lah kan.

    nevertheless, well done…aku dah nabes imagine ko tikam duit kat dalam tol booth minah tu, biar dia plak yang kene kutip duit kat lantai(aksi keji dan tidak digalakkan untuk ibu mengandung)

    xxx mrs.c

  2. nisajay says:

    ko patut tambah one more word laa.. “……malaikat MAUT..” hehe… aku ni punya efisien bab membayar tol sampai lupa nak ambik balance.. 40sen plak tu… chistt… cepat kaya laa syarikat tol negara klu ada 10 lagi org mcm aku… haha! anyway, ziah.. ko mmg seorang insan yg sungguh polite… seperti yg ku kenali dulu.. hehe..

  3. naziah says:

    piah: i’m surprised with my ability of NOT killing the tol girl as well…

    zezz: itu adalah respon yg paling munasabah sebenarnya…

    nisa: aku mmg polite sejak azali…

  4. Aidilz says:

    Kalau bulan posa dah start… perghh!!
    Double.. Eh.. tak Triple pahala ko naziah.

    “terima kasih kerana menunggu..” <– klasik tul.

    Yang menjalankan tugas,
    – polite nak mampos –

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