This whole week I suddenly have this craving to listen to ‘Apa Saja’ by KRU. One thing led to another, and suddenly I’m you-tubing ‘Feminin’, ‘4U2C’, ‘A to Z’… IMO, those days, the songs were much much better than lagu-lagu nowadays. KRU produced a lot of high quality songs and like 4U2C, eventhough lagu diorang simple, we still like it better than watever they have now. Kesimpulannya, I’m still stuck in the 90’s and Fantasia Bulan Madu is still the best malay song ever!!!

There are also a few other songs that I like still. If you have time (and you can find them online), listen to them;

  • Dengarkanlah – Amy Mastura and Glenn
  • Cintamu Milikku – Ning Baizura
  • Kasih Yang Pergi – Abot and Trex Kamikaze
  • Prahara Cinta – Hedi Yunus
  • Ironi – Moluccas (An Indonesian trio with superb excellent vocal. You only can listen to the song in Youtube sebab tempat lain cannot find…)

Btw, I’m going back to KK again tomorrow (very early in the morning flight – 4am). To those yang mintak beli Kopi Tenom the other trip, I’ll buy some this time. They are really hard to find nowadays (especially the 3 in 1). They usually have the 2 in 1 only… So any kopi freak who would wants this kopi, sms me… To those who don’t know what is Kopi Tenom, it’s the best kopi ever! The taste; not too sweet and not too pahit but very kaw-kaw… Let me kno, right?!

Have a fantabulous weekend!

p/s: I’m still very pretty today. Cat; you broke me and now, you have to fix me before it gets worse.

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