T’was too hot, but suddenly, the wind came!

Fountain depan rumah my mom yang banjir after the rain…

Seriously! KK was burning hot but yesterday, from morning till late in the afternoon, it did not stop raining and the wind was blowing strongly. We were just afraid that our flight might be cancelled or delayed… But it didn’t… I was secretly wishing that it would get cancelled to today (so that I get one more day at home…)… Sigh… Here I am… In the office… Trying to figure out how to manage a week’s worth of work in 2 days… Sigh…

As usual, I’m really tired from the whole trip. Baby K had the luxury of having both Mommy and Bapak at home with her for 5 whole days. Again, Thank God our house is small… She is one healthy and very, very active child… And very loud as well… And very feisty as well… Hmmm… I wonder where she got that from???

Anakku yang jakun dengan airport yang luas (KKIA)…

Today, I feel very ‘corporate’. Wearing all black (a black turtleneck shirt and a black pants), I spoiled my corporate look with my red converse sneakers… Don’t ask why or is it even allowed in my office… I just want to wear it today.


9 thoughts on “T’was too hot, but suddenly, the wind came!

  1. Oooh, Roman-inspired looking fountain, cantiklah!!!Gives me the romantic-bug feeling.And the reason WHY you’re wearing your converse to work?It’s comfort, darling, comfort.Heck, I’d wear my slipar jepun to work, weddings and christmas parties.

  2. naziah says:

    pye: ol’ skool rawks!

    mycrazysister: ya bah! walaupun banyak anak katak, tapi cantik jugak…

    lasignora: that’s why we are frens! people just dun get how selipar jepun and sneakers will never go out of style or inappropriate for any occasion…. if people say it’s inappropriate, we just say ‘it’s the harajuku style… you dunno meh?’

  3. Rad says:

    You’ve got ur initial on your Converse sneakers.. man you are one uncurable rebel chick!

    Glad u had a great time in KK, girl!

    Guess what. it’s very summery here since the big flood

  4. chehhs.. mewaahhh nye.. now if only i could get away with wearing sumthin liddat! .. dolu2 pakai la gak caterpillar nye boots ngan baju kurung.. but now, kena presentable meh.. if not nobody will pay to have me manage projects!

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