Yes… Those are Harry Potter socks…

Referring to my nice red sneaker picture below, someone asked, ‘is that a Gryffindor socks you wearing?’. Well, as a matter of fact (although that was a very weird question indeed), it is a Gryffindor socks. In fact, if you must kno (if you don’t, you have to stop reading this thing now and skip to the next paragraph), I have 2 Harry Potter t-shirts as well… I love Harry Potter. I mean, not Harry the boy, but the whole idea of a wizarding world… Then again, if someone asked, would I rather be a witch or a mutant, I’d prefer to be a mutant with the power to teleport. Why? Save cost… No need to drive or take plane…

So… What else is happening around the world other than natural disaster, economic turbulence, and political stuff? I read in CNN that some actor dude is now in court for beating a cat to death because he was jealous that his girlfriend paid more attention to ‘Norman the cat’ than to him. And now, he faces up to 2 years in jail if found guilty. Why la? Why beat Norman the cat? Beat la the girlfriend for not paying attention to you! Idiot… Hmm… What else? According to Entertainment Weekly, Iron Man DVD is coming out soon. And for those who follows America’s Next Top Model, this season, they have a transgender girl competing in it. That will be interesting to watch… The world doesn’t have enough skinny leggy GIRLS anymore… Sigh…

I think that’s enough for the day. Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend ahead!

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