Forced to rest…

This time it’s for a week…

I was spotting a bit last nite and it went on till this morning. So, I rushed myself to the hospital yet again. This is what my condition is:

Cervical Insufficiency (Incompetent Cervix)

The phrase “cervical insufficiency” (CI) refers to a cervix that opens too early, before the baby is full term. This condition is also called incompetent cervix. The cervix is the opening at the base of the uterus.
With CI, the cervix opens without labor starting. Usually the woman has no symptoms. Few women know they have cervical insufficiency until they have a miscarriage or premature birth. The woman may deliver the baby without feeling contractions.
Hence, me on bed rest the whole of next week. Usually, I’ll be happy with not having to go to work. But this time, I’m actuallly very, very busy and it’s not in my plan to take any MC until next month.
Whatever it is, I’ll let you kno if there’s any changes in my condition.

6 thoughts on “Forced to rest…

  1. AsH says:

    Hey Jiah… have plenty of bed rest! Enjoy the period of inactivity… he he he he, 😉 Owh, btw aku still dok teringat conversation kita tadi: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Ha ha ha ha. 😛

  2. ziah!

    when the doc says bed rest.. make sure you are on the bed.. resting! just make sure u have the remote control right beside you at all times.. hehehehehe

    take care girl!

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