Itchy feet wants to walk

This is the second day of my ‘bed rest’. And yet,  already want to go to the ofis and do some work.

I also want to look for a new set of curtains to go with my new sofa. And also, I need to buy some cloth softener. Banyak la alasan yang make sense for me to break this house arrest. But Abu will kill me and my sister will definitely tell my mother (and that’s something that we do NOT want her to do) if I go jalan-jalan during this supposedly ‘bed rest’ period. According to some medical websites and books, I’m supposed to keep my feet up so that my vah-jay-jay doesn’t open up more if I make too many movements. I am frustrated!

So how do I spend my time at home? Watch DVD, web surfing, play Guitar Hero (I bet Widie can finish the whole game in Expert mode in a day!), and read some books. Baby K’s been relocated to my sister’s place alternate days. This is to avoid me from carrying her around. I have no self control when it comes to picking her up. It’s the immediate ‘mommy-reflex’ once the child put up her hands and I simply, without thinking, will pick her up. So, the best way to avoid this is for her not to be around everyday (sad, ain’t it?).

I’ll definitely write some more when I get my mood back. For the time being, I’m stuck here and I’m bored…

p/s: Happy Belated Yesterday Birthday Aidil!

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