A lot to write but nothing to write as well…

I’m having one of those weeks…

What ‘week’?! The ‘week’ which you want to do a lot of stuff but don’t kno what exactly needs to be done…

Lots of interesting stuff to write but don’t kno which topic to choose. in other words, I’m being too greedy of wanting to write everything that I want to write about…

I’m watching Harry Potter from the beginning again. Yes, I have a lot of other things to do but since I can’t decide on what to do, I do what I don’t expect myself doing within this week at all (which is watching HP again). You get what I mean??? —> This paragraph is very stressful… I’m confused myself… Heh…

Once I’ve decided on a good topic to share, I will put up those good words here.

2 thoughts on “A lot to write but nothing to write as well…

  1. Ah, I love a good book marathon.Well, in this case not a book but a movie adapted from a book.Even the tv-stations here are getting into the semangat upcoming HP movie, so they’re showing the old ones as well.I’ve been on a CSI VEGAS marathon, and enjoying picking on Catherine Willows botox makeover and also the laughing at the cheesy-sound-like-Buffy-the-vampire tv theme song before they changed it into the ‘WHO ARE YOU’ themesong.nasib Pancho loves watching tv as well.ha ha.

    oh, sini ndak ada cuticura, have to go to asian grocery shop in the city for it.i bagi pancho mandi one time with sea water.heh.killed most of the bugs, but then the poor thing went crazy jilat bulu masin (had to celup him in normal water and syampu him with Johnson baby again).

    the dorkarella has spoken.kisses to Kady!

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