My ‘buying’ problem

I don’t and never will understand something about our local selling and buying scene. Especially when it come to clothes… Here are some reasons:

  • Most department stores or fashion outlets jual baju and seluar yang either too long or too small. 90% of us (local ladies) have fat thighs (Ow! Come on! Don’t be sensitive… It’s true…), round ass, and legs as far as a blink of an eye can see (which is a very short distance…).
  • The only places where you can find something that fits you without any need of altering it are the ones that carries UK sizes baju and pants such as Marks and Spencer or Dorothy Perkins. And it ain’t cheap ya’ll.
  • Then again, I’d rather spend RM200 on a pair of jeans from M&S and not having pay extra to alter it than buying the same price in Levi’s and having to cut it short (and mess up the original shape of the pants.).
  • Kenapa harga sepinggan nasi kandar sangat mahal, eventhough we only take nasi putih, sayur, and ayam goreng (which can go up to RM7 if we are unlucky)???
  • I find that the prices in Tesco are actually more expensive than Jusco. But still, the best place to buy groceries is Mydin… Harga Drypantz size L 36 pieces in most major supermarkets is RM35, but in Mydin; it’s RM31.
  • Kenapa harga organic food mahal? I thought there were no extra cost incurred for any chemicals or stuff to keep it healthy?

While you think about it, I think I’m gonna get my haircut today…

2 thoughts on “My ‘buying’ problem

  1. Hey Naziah!congrats on ur second pregnancy.

    Dunno whether u still remember me…Angeline ex-Auths…u know, the quiet one who’s always being bugged by me k. just found ur blog and really enjoyed reading it.

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