Naziah the Tattooist

Something that I’m always amazed with and interested in is tattoo. I love body arts (not the weird ones with snakes or human face). Tribal and cultural designs are beautiful. This weekend, Abu will be having a company function and he’ll be doing the Haka or watever that resembles it. So he wanted a tattoo on his shoulder and half body. I went to Ikano and got a Henna tattoo set. It’s expensive to do it in the shop so we’ve decided that I’d do it for him. Last night, after doing so much research on Maori tattoo designs and got super inspired by it, I did his arm. Unfortunately, the henna is not enough to cover the half body. I only managed half arm… Although it’s a bit smudgy, I think I did a good job for a first timer tattooist. Check it out:


It’s a design inspired by the Maori Ta Moko. But overall, it’s my own design…

10 thoughts on “Naziah the Tattooist

  1. THIS is why we are frens…. No one would DARE say anything like that to me. Yes, it does look like underwear now that cat point it out. It also looks like a goat if u squint ur eyes a bit and tilt ur head to the right. If u tilt ur head to the left, it will look like satan’s head.

  2. Aidilz says:

    yep, underwear no doubt about it.
    dammit cat.

    so.. tattooist huh?
    it’s like Miami Ink. Hehehe.
    not there yet but.. good effort!

  3. Rad says:

    Ziah, pls put up the finished product of this pic. Wanna see if the ‘thong’ is FINALLY disguised with something more Maori-ish.

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