Abu’s tattoo and Baby K’s update

FINE! The arm tattoo looks like underwear! So, I present to you, the ‘fern’…



Nicer ain’t it????

And since I haven’t been updating anything about Baby K for a while now, here’s her latest picture;


A little update:

  • Still with her puting…
  • Understand perfectly well watever we say but still talks in her own language.
  • She can wink her eyes. Like really wink her eyes… Bukan tutup dua2 mata and call it a wink. Real winking…
  • Loves dancing… I have to watch Sehati Berdansa just because she likes it.

There’s a lot more stuff about her but I’m actually in pain now. I started having contractions since last week. I hope this is just Braxton Hicks and not labor pain… Heh…


3 thoughts on “Abu’s tattoo and Baby K’s update

  1. Hahaha.Even tho the first one look like spender, still, it’s gorgeous.This one’s pretty good too.Why not draw a bunga rafflesia?HAHAHAHAHAH.

    Pain?Maybe it’s gas?Tapi aku tatau,jaga baby bulu aku reti.Baby K is so cheeky!!!Love that twinkle in her eyes!

    Setahun aku tunggu si Pancho(same mummy wif Gonzalez) so imagine my overdose kasih-sayang mode when the kitty arrived! Apparently visa kucing mahal nak bawak masok M’sia 😛 so Ziah, tell Abu sori tak dapet eden nak tolong bawak kucing ostolia.

    Paling klakar, kucing aku paling spesis biase-biase jer, orang lain kat klinik haiwan bukan main lagi ragdoll lah, russian blue lah, main coon lah.

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