If I were a boy…

This bloody song is bloody stuck in my bloody head!

And also, it makes me think (yes Cat… I do ‘think’ once in a while…); what IF I WERE A BOY???

Here’s a list of what I want and what I’d be doing (or not):

  • I will not pee in the public section of the gents. You kno… The one where you can see other people’s ‘Jonas Brothers’… I dunno how dudes does it but I’d rather not… According to Abu, you just DON’T LOOK. Hmmm….
  • I will want to marry Monica Belucci… She is THE perfect woman IMO. Beautiful face and a body to die for. She can kick Angelina Jolie’s skinny ass anytime!
  • I’d rather play rugby than football. Rugby’s more violent. It’s an excuse for me to push other people if I’m angry. Football, you just run and kick. No fun there…
  • I’ll make sure I’d travel the world and work everywhere first before I settle down with a family.
  • As much as this will contradict my ‘no pee in public’, I’d like to go skinny dipping. Heh…
  • And lastly, If I were a boy, I’d be Mark Sloan… ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “If I were a boy…

  1. If I were a man, I’d
    1)pee the word ‘AWESOME’ on snow
    2)adjust ‘parking’ in public.
    3)try to get ‘boob’ in a nightclub.*make grabbing motions with hands*
    4)be a pervert, alright.Betcha I’d have a police-record for sexual assault.
    5)have a huge penis
    6)be a baldilicious playboy with loads of cash and drive fast cars.

    Forgive me, I’ve been smuttybrained lately.I blame those iklan porno kat tv lepas kol 11pm.

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