Saya berehat seketika

But before I do, here are some useless thoughts to share;

  • This week (well, since Monday at least), I’m having a bad case of flu. So I’m off work until tomorrow and my whole body aches like I was in a wrestling match on the weekend (which btw is not true but I did watch Nacho Libre again on HBO last week).
  • I’m having trouble sleeping nowadays (hence me getting sick). I get sleepy at 7.30pm but I will only fall asleep at around 12am and I’ll be wide awake by 1.30am… And then, I’ll sleep again at around 5am… My head is about to explode with all the sleepiness…
  • I find that banning yoga for Muslims is ridiculous. IMO, it’s just a form of exercise as long as YOU TAKE IT AS ONLY A FORM OF EXERCISE. Don’t la do all the mantras and the chants… Just keep it as a physical activity and it should be fine. And with that, we as Muslims are lucky because our daily prayers consist of not only the religious prayers but also the physical movements that we have to do (rukuk, sujud…etc…). If the Jabatan Agama wants to ban something, I suggest they start banning all those nonsense pictures in majalah Mangga (gambar ala boobies terburai di tepi kolam)…
  • No… My sister haven’t popped yet. Pity her… She’s getting very ansty about it…
  • No… I’m not popping out anything anytime soon (although sometimes it feels like she could kick herself out of my vah-jay-jay… Very powerful kick this one have…).
  • Grey’s Anatomy season 5 is GOOD… Funnier Cristina, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous McSteamy, lesser story about George though… And Izzie is crazy (she had ‘sex’ with her dead fiancee).
  • Supernatural season 4 is OKAY… Not much monsters. More to angels and demons…
  • Smallville season 8 is EXCELLENT… Since they got rid of Lana Lang… FINALLY!
  • House Bunny (the movie) is not good, don’t waste your RM8 to buy it.
  • I wanna watch ‘Twilight’ since the reviews are like superb and Rob Patterson is cute (so whaaat?!!!! I judge the movies by its cute actors!!!!).
  • I love ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’… Funniest people on earth, those guys…

Itu je la for the time being… I’ll update more next week. For the time being, I’m just busy trying NOT to get any sicker than I am now… So enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back soon!!!

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