I fell…

Seriously! Yesterday… I fell smacked on my butt. I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant and I fell!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

But not to worry my friends. Protege #2 and I are fine… Seems that the baby inside the tummy is safer because of the womb protecting them rather than if you fall down while carrying them outside of your body. To those who are pregnant and clumsy like I was, don’t panic if you fall (better yet, don’t fall at all!). If there’s blood or baby’s not moving, then rush yourself to the nearest hospital. I was in a state of denial, checking my backside slowly and kept poking my stomach. I was so happy when she kicked back hard…

But now, I have to sit on a pillow. I think either I cracked my coccyx or it’s swollen or whatever. Doctor gave me painkiller to make me sleep better and I did. And now my whole right side, from head to toe is numb because I didn’t move at all when I was sleeping last nite… Geez! Banyak la songel perempuan ni!!!!!

Ok… To those who knos my mother, please, please don’t tell her that I fell. She WILL murder me… To my sister, SHHHHHHHH!!!!!! If you tell her, I’m going to kidnap all your cats!

Selfish or what?!

I went to Ikea/Ikano/The Curve yesterday and had an ‘interesting’ conversation with the Unicef volunteer worker…

UVW: Children ARE our future… blah…blah… (He was giving a sermon to the poor soya bean lady stall in front of him… And I passed by, he called me..)

UVW: Excuse me miss, do you know about this charity fund for our future? It’s tax deductable.

Me: No, thanks…

UVW: Miss, you should invest some money and time for our future generation. You are pregnant, so you should know that children are important (That was the wrong move that he made…)

Me: You have children? Are you married? (He looked young…)

UVW: Not yet…

Me: Do you know how much it cost to have a child? Do you know how much pampers cost? Milk? Education?

UVW: That’s what I’m saying miss… There’s a lot of children out there who needs help.

Me: Before I can help them, I need to feed my daughter at home and I’m about to have a second one. You want to give me some money to give the best milk for my daughter? You have money???

UVW: Err… No la miss… What I meant was…

Me: Before you speak, you should think… When you have kids, come back and see me if you still think you can spare some money for other kids… If you can, maybe you are a millionaire!

And I walked away…

I kno it sounded selfish but I wasn’t in the mood to do charity yesterday… I’m a member of WWF and I love doing charity. Just don’t tell me crap if you don’t experience what you are talking about…

I’m having one of those days…

It’s Abu’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!) and I’m having one of those days… What day? Those emotionally and physically exhausting day. The cure? I locked myself in my room (Abu had to go to work today…) and only saw Baby K for about 10 minutes since this morning and it’s already 4.06pm. My body is aching and I’m emotionally unstable… Very, very dangerous…

I haven’t started reading Eclipse. I’ve been waiting for the book and paid EXPENSIVE shipping cost just to get the bloody book asap but I’m still not reading it. Instead, I spent (or still spending) the day in my room with lots and lots of DVDs. All I’ve been doing is changing the DVD, lying on my bed, eating ice chips… I purposely am watching Grey’s Anatomy again so that I don’t have to get up that often to change the DVD… LAZY…

Whatever it is, I hope tomorrow’s a better day. I wanted to go out and buy a cake for Abu but I’m just too lazy and too tired… Iskiskisk… I pity my husband and my daughter. Also, thank God for my maid. She’s doing a fantastic job in keeping Baby K entertained… So, for Abu, Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki! For Baby K, mommy loves you but mommy’s just too tired to play today… For my maid, you are SOOOO getting a bonus from me!

Aku yang mengantuk

I’ve been very tired and can’t seem to hold myself up more than 3 o 4 hours straight nowadays… Maybe it’s the final stretch of the pregnancy…

I also seem to be losing my temper very, very easily for the past few days. The usual victim is Baby K. Kesian dia… She’s been very hyper and all and me being very tired and all always end up screaming/shouting and she’ll be crying and all…. SIGH…. The best way to tackle this issue is to stay out of the way. I’ve been staying inside my room with my supplies of books and DVDs and ice chips… Oh! And my books (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) arrived this morning at 8.30am from Amazon.Com. Hopefully it’s worth the 40usd expedited shipping cost I paid!

Okie dokie… I want to start reading Eclipse before I take my nap soon… Enjoy the long weekend!

Rahasia Perempuan

My absolute favorite song now… I dedicate the song to all the ladies out there. Lirik lagu yang teramat la funny but the chorus made sense… ENJOY!

Rahasia Perempuan

Ada satu bagian
Pada perempuan
Yang sangatlah peka bila disentuh
Oleh lelaki
Di manakah bagian itu?
Maukah kau tahu?

Karna bagian itu
Hanya untuk lelaki yang cukup umur
Karna bagian itu
Sungguh sangat bisa
Buat perempuan dimabuk kepayang, dimabuk asmara
Di manakah bagian itu?
Maukah kau tahu?

Sentuhlah dia
Tepat di hatinya
Dia kan jadi milikmu selamanya
Sentuh dengan setulus cinta
Buat hatinya sampai melayang

Sentuh hatinya dengan sangat hati-hati
Bila ingin rebut hatinya aaoo
Karna bagian itu
Sungguh sangat bisa
Buat perempuan dimabuk kepayang, dimabuk asmara
Di manakah bagian itu?
Maukah kau tahu?

Song & lyric by Dhani Ahmad
Sung by Ari Lasso

I love doing tags!

Got tagged by Ms Beautiful Life… AGAIN!

1. Do you think you are hot?
No… I kno I’m cute but never hot…
2. Upload your favourite picture of you.


3. Why do you like that picture?
It’s my Jackie Sparrow picture! I look like Jack Sparrow’s long lost sister… I look KEWL… Heh…

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
I think 2 or 3 weeks ago…

5. The last song you listened to?
I’ll Be There For You by Bon Jovi.

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Recording calls… SIGH… 

7. What name would you prefer besides this?
I love my name… Unless you want to call me ‘Your Highness’…
Now, I would like to tag new victims to do it…hehehe
1. Cat
2. Pye
3. CJ
4. Ms Orange
5. Aidil

8. Who is no. 1?
My other half… The reigning queen of the Underworld…
9. No. 3 is having relationship with?
Her husband lah! Heh…
10. Say something about no. 5?
My colleague who seems to be a very talented photographer (ehem! ehem! Bila nak amik gambar aku yang comel ni?)…
11. How about no. 4?
My very adventurous cousin who loves Christiano Ronaldo and fast cars…
12. Who is no. 2?

A friend… Long lost friend… Finally found him again in the cyberspace. A very good blogger as well… And a new daddy to a handsome baby boy!

I’m glad I read the book first…

Yes… Still on Twilight…. This time it’s the movie review. It’s a C+ from me… But just because of Edward, I’ll push it up to B.

I wanted to wait for the DVD to come out instead of watching it at the cinema. I was afraid that the movie might not be up to my expectations. But being me, with very, very low patience, I went to watch it just now. It’s all E!News and MTV’s fault… They kept showing the making of Twilight last week… Heh… Edward’s just too beautiful for me to ignore…

So… True enough, I find the movie not up to my expectations. I prefer reading the book than watching it. The cinematography is superb tho… Beautiful forest scenes. And of course the best part about the whole movie (for me lah!) is Edward. The first scene where he walked into the school cafe, I think all the girls in the cinema forgot how to breathe. He was breathtakingly beautiful. I dunno how the make-up artist did it, but they really turned Rob Pattinson into this ‘mythical’ creature. Sigh… I’m hitting puberty again for the 400th time… A very pregnant woman having a huge crush on a fictional teen character… SIGH…

Also, I just finished reading the New Moon… Not as good as Twilight… I’m looking for the third book (Eclipse) but I’m having a hard time to find even a copy in any bookstore yang berdekatan dengan my house (Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade)… All out of stock! And I just saw the new book by JK Rowling out but haven’t got the chance to buy it yet. Too occupied looking for Eclipse. Thanks to La Signora for spoiling the story for me… 🙂

Ok lah… I leave you with a very good looking picture of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen… Cat, I’m glad I didn’t go to watch it with you. Otherwise, you will hate me for making you wake up early and waste RM8 for the movie…