Why Malaysia have to import foreign workers

I was reading The Star Online this morning and an article about the government freezing foreign workers intake for some manufacturing areas reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write this post…

Many  times, when I go back to Kuantan (not just in Kuantan la… Sini pun ada jugak…), a few request came for me to find jobs for the kids there. The usual conversation goes;

Makcik/Pakcik: Kat KL tu banyak kerja kosong. Boleh tolong cari kan anak saya kerja?

Me: Insya-Allah… Apa kelulusan anak makcik/pakcik?

M/P: Tingkatan 5…

Me: Kalau macam tu, kerja kilang boleh la kot. Tak pun kalau nak, boleh kerja kat rumah… Jadi pembantu rumah ni bagus. Jimat duit gaji. Tak payah bayar sewa, makan… etc…etc…

M/P: Kilang tu boleh la… Pembantu rumah tu kurang sikit. Kalau boleh dapat jadi kerani kat ofis lagi bagus…

Me: *WTF*…….

Kita yang ada Degree pun susah-susah nak cari kerja, ini kan pulak budak yang ada SPM only. In my humble opinion, budak-budak sekarang ni semua mau cari kerja yang glamer-glamer jak… My advise to them; BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS… They’d rather merempit/bohsia-ing/ah long-ing than cari kerja yang legitimate.

In actual fact, KL has got A LOT of work to offer. Tapi di sebabkan kita punya society doesn’t like to get their hands dirty, employees have no other choice but to import tenaga pekerja luar. Industries like manufacturing, cleaning services, domestic help actually offers thousands of jobs to those who are willing to the work. Japan is a good example of a country that functions 95% through local workforce. I’m amazed to see funky youngsters with super hip eyebrow and hair cleaning the toilets or sweeping the streets around Tokyo. Our youngsters? They either get knocked up and buang their babies in toilet bowls or get their brains smashed against the road after merempit… And yet, ada hati la nak mintak kerja jadi kerani…

I’m writing this with no intention of merendah-rendahkan our society but to give these people a solution to their problem. Some suggestions:

  • Local Maid – Take those who can do house work, jaga budak and train them professionally. Gaji seorang pembantu rumah can go up to RM500 (or even RM600). The perks; you don’t have to pay for sewa rumah and food, as well as travelling. If you are lucky (like my maid), barang kelengkapan diri (sabun, bedak, vitamin…) pun akan dibiayai. Bergantung kepada kontrak, you can get an off day a week or you can kumpul your days to have a longer leave and balik kampung. Kerja pun bukan nya susah (unless kena jaga budak la…). Bersihkan rumah, masak, cuci kain… Itu pun kita kena ambil orang luar untuk buat. Kenapa tak boleh buat sendiri? Because I can pay for the extra hand and I don’t have time to do it everyday…
  • Cleaning services – Hospitals, airports, shopping malls needs a lot of cleaning crews. From my observations, most of the cleaning services are being handled by foreign workers. Why? Because the locals don’t want to do dirty jobs…
  • Manufacturing services – Abu recently told me that his workplace started to take Indonesian workers because we don’t have enough locals (again… WTF?!) to do the jobs. In my opnion, budak-budak local ni selalu bawak banyak masalah. I always hear him complain about his workers not coming to work la, masalah cinta la… Last-last, terpaksa la ambil Indonesian to do the job…

So, basically, the reason why we need to import foreign workers and not give the jobs to our locals is because THEY THEMSELVES DON’T WANT TO WORK…


2 thoughts on “Why Malaysia have to import foreign workers

  1. AsH says:

    Hey Jiah… this is a well written piece, indeed. 🙂 Yup, I agree with you. Malaysians are not willing to get their hands dirty doing menial jobs. But who’s going to hire you if you are not skilled, young, uneducated and inexperienced? Until they wise up to this fact, we have to get used to seeing foreign faces manning counters in our local restaurants and convenience store.

  2. Dear Ziah…quite true…Malaysians la ni mana mau buat dirty jobs, apa lagi jadi maid orang…..kita yg degree ni pun susah dpt keje, tambah la yg kelulusan rendah..

    Anyway, when is your due date?

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