I’m glad I read the book first…

Yes… Still on Twilight…. This time it’s the movie review. It’s a C+ from me… But just because of Edward, I’ll push it up to B.

I wanted to wait for the DVD to come out instead of watching it at the cinema. I was afraid that the movie might not be up to my expectations. But being me, with very, very low patience, I went to watch it just now. It’s all E!News and MTV’s fault… They kept showing the making of Twilight last week… Heh… Edward’s just too beautiful for me to ignore…

So… True enough, I find the movie not up to my expectations. I prefer reading the book than watching it. The cinematography is superb tho… Beautiful forest scenes. And of course the best part about the whole movie (for me lah!) is Edward. The first scene where he walked into the school cafe, I think all the girls in the cinema forgot how to breathe. He was breathtakingly beautiful. I dunno how the make-up artist did it, but they really turned Rob Pattinson into this ‘mythical’ creature. Sigh… I’m hitting puberty again for the 400th time… A very pregnant woman having a huge crush on a fictional teen character… SIGH…

Also, I just finished reading the New Moon… Not as good as Twilight… I’m looking for the third book (Eclipse) but I’m having a hard time to find even a copy in any bookstore yang berdekatan dengan my house (Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade)… All out of stock! And I just saw the new book by JK Rowling out but haven’t got the chance to buy it yet. Too occupied looking for Eclipse. Thanks to La Signora for spoiling the story for me… 🙂

Ok lah… I leave you with a very good looking picture of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen… Cat, I’m glad I didn’t go to watch it with you. Otherwise, you will hate me for making you wake up early and waste RM8 for the movie…


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