Aku yang mengantuk

I’ve been very tired and can’t seem to hold myself up more than 3 o 4 hours straight nowadays… Maybe it’s the final stretch of the pregnancy…

I also seem to be losing my temper very, very easily for the past few days. The usual victim is Baby K. Kesian dia… She’s been very hyper and all and me being very tired and all always end up screaming/shouting and she’ll be crying and all…. SIGH…. The best way to tackle this issue is to stay out of the way. I’ve been staying inside my room with my supplies of books and DVDs and ice chips… Oh! And my books (Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) arrived this morning at 8.30am from Amazon.Com. Hopefully it’s worth the 40usd expedited shipping cost I paid!

Okie dokie… I want to start reading Eclipse before I take my nap soon… Enjoy the long weekend!

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