I’m having one of those days…

It’s Abu’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!) and I’m having one of those days… What day? Those emotionally and physically exhausting day. The cure? I locked myself in my room (Abu had to go to work today…) and only saw Baby K for about 10 minutes since this morning and it’s already 4.06pm. My body is aching and I’m emotionally unstable… Very, very dangerous…

I haven’t started reading Eclipse. I’ve been waiting for the book and paid EXPENSIVE shipping cost just to get the bloody book asap but I’m still not reading it. Instead, I spent (or still spending) the day in my room with lots and lots of DVDs. All I’ve been doing is changing the DVD, lying on my bed, eating ice chips… I purposely am watching Grey’s Anatomy again so that I don’t have to get up that often to change the DVD… LAZY…

Whatever it is, I hope tomorrow’s a better day. I wanted to go out and buy a cake for Abu but I’m just too lazy and too tired… Iskiskisk… I pity my husband and my daughter. Also, thank God for my maid. She’s doing a fantastic job in keeping Baby K entertained… So, for Abu, Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki! For Baby K, mommy loves you but mommy’s just too tired to play today… For my maid, you are SOOOO getting a bonus from me!

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