Selfish or what?!

I went to Ikea/Ikano/The Curve yesterday and had an ‘interesting’ conversation with the Unicef volunteer worker…

UVW: Children ARE our future… blah…blah… (He was giving a sermon to the poor soya bean lady stall in front of him… And I passed by, he called me..)

UVW: Excuse me miss, do you know about this charity fund for our future? It’s tax deductable.

Me: No, thanks…

UVW: Miss, you should invest some money and time for our future generation. You are pregnant, so you should know that children are important (That was the wrong move that he made…)

Me: You have children? Are you married? (He looked young…)

UVW: Not yet…

Me: Do you know how much it cost to have a child? Do you know how much pampers cost? Milk? Education?

UVW: That’s what I’m saying miss… There’s a lot of children out there who needs help.

Me: Before I can help them, I need to feed my daughter at home and I’m about to have a second one. You want to give me some money to give the best milk for my daughter? You have money???

UVW: Err… No la miss… What I meant was…

Me: Before you speak, you should think… When you have kids, come back and see me if you still think you can spare some money for other kids… If you can, maybe you are a millionaire!

And I walked away…

I kno it sounded selfish but I wasn’t in the mood to do charity yesterday… I’m a member of WWF and I love doing charity. Just don’t tell me crap if you don’t experience what you are talking about…

4 thoughts on “Selfish or what?!

  1. was that naziah or the hormone speaking? hehehehe
    but yes, we should feed our children first than we feed other people’s children.
    i’m getting there you know… hehehehe

  2. There, there now.You need a foot massage.

    I was bombarded with a lot of charity-seeking people last week…the whole Christmas spirit thing…so I ask one lady who represented some charity for the disabled where were they during the other time of the year? XD ha ha ha.With the state of the global economy now, we do our best with what we can afford.Afterall,our amal jariah is between us and Allah.

    And yes, it is NOT cheap to bring up a child : susu, diapers etc.Nobody doesn’t dare to think about it.

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