I fell…

Seriously! Yesterday… I fell smacked on my butt. I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant and I fell!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

But not to worry my friends. Protege #2 and I are fine… Seems that the baby inside the tummy is safer because of the womb protecting them rather than if you fall down while carrying them outside of your body. To those who are pregnant and clumsy like I was, don’t panic if you fall (better yet, don’t fall at all!). If there’s blood or baby’s not moving, then rush yourself to the nearest hospital. I was in a state of denial, checking my backside slowly and kept poking my stomach. I was so happy when she kicked back hard…

But now, I have to sit on a pillow. I think either I cracked my coccyx or it’s swollen or whatever. Doctor gave me painkiller to make me sleep better and I did. And now my whole right side, from head to toe is numb because I didn’t move at all when I was sleeping last nite… Geez! Banyak la songel perempuan ni!!!!!

Ok… To those who knos my mother, please, please don’t tell her that I fell. She WILL murder me… To my sister, SHHHHHHHH!!!!!! If you tell her, I’m going to kidnap all your cats!

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