It’s not the storyline I’m in love with…


… It’s the idea of having someone like Edward Cullen…

I kno the book has got a lot of fantastic reviews but for me, it’s too much lovey-dovey stuff. It was just too easy for Bella Swan to win Edward Cullen. I mean, I understand why she would fall madly in love with him. He’s a vampire! Vampires are known to be very seductive and physically perfect (just look at Lestat and Louie… Y-U-M-M-Y!). But for Edward to get immediately attracted to Bella, not challenging at all. I’m talking about the book, not the movie, okay? Like what Cat said in her blog, if you judge it by the actress whose playing Bella in the movie, obviously she’s very attractive. But if you read it in the book, she seems very normal. I imagine her to be gothic-like since her skin was supposed to be pale and she have like a dark red hair…

Coming back to Edward Cullen… The writer described him well (I got a bit bored when she kept describing his eyes… Yes Cat… I agree with you…). However, since I saw the trailer, whenever I read about this Edward character, I have Rob Pattinson’s face in my head. I didn’t really think that he was good looking in Harry Potter, but pale skin suits him very well. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! And the idea of having someone so perfect liking you is just beyond cloud 9! Can you just imagine having a dude who looks so perfect and very very romantic stalking you like everywhere you go and saving your life?!

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see the movie. I foresee a lot of Edward Cullen’s picture on my desk at work… For now, I give the book a grade B…

Why Malaysia have to import foreign workers

I was reading The Star Online this morning and an article about the government freezing foreign workers intake for some manufacturing areas reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write this post…

Many  times, when I go back to Kuantan (not just in Kuantan la… Sini pun ada jugak…), a few request came for me to find jobs for the kids there. The usual conversation goes;

Makcik/Pakcik: Kat KL tu banyak kerja kosong. Boleh tolong cari kan anak saya kerja?

Me: Insya-Allah… Apa kelulusan anak makcik/pakcik?

M/P: Tingkatan 5…

Me: Kalau macam tu, kerja kilang boleh la kot. Tak pun kalau nak, boleh kerja kat rumah… Jadi pembantu rumah ni bagus. Jimat duit gaji. Tak payah bayar sewa, makan… etc…etc…

M/P: Kilang tu boleh la… Pembantu rumah tu kurang sikit. Kalau boleh dapat jadi kerani kat ofis lagi bagus…

Me: *WTF*…….

Kita yang ada Degree pun susah-susah nak cari kerja, ini kan pulak budak yang ada SPM only. In my humble opinion, budak-budak sekarang ni semua mau cari kerja yang glamer-glamer jak… My advise to them; BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS… They’d rather merempit/bohsia-ing/ah long-ing than cari kerja yang legitimate.

In actual fact, KL has got A LOT of work to offer. Tapi di sebabkan kita punya society doesn’t like to get their hands dirty, employees have no other choice but to import tenaga pekerja luar. Industries like manufacturing, cleaning services, domestic help actually offers thousands of jobs to those who are willing to the work. Japan is a good example of a country that functions 95% through local workforce. I’m amazed to see funky youngsters with super hip eyebrow and hair cleaning the toilets or sweeping the streets around Tokyo. Our youngsters? They either get knocked up and buang their babies in toilet bowls or get their brains smashed against the road after merempit… And yet, ada hati la nak mintak kerja jadi kerani…

I’m writing this with no intention of merendah-rendahkan our society but to give these people a solution to their problem. Some suggestions:

  • Local Maid – Take those who can do house work, jaga budak and train them professionally. Gaji seorang pembantu rumah can go up to RM500 (or even RM600). The perks; you don’t have to pay for sewa rumah and food, as well as travelling. If you are lucky (like my maid), barang kelengkapan diri (sabun, bedak, vitamin…) pun akan dibiayai. Bergantung kepada kontrak, you can get an off day a week or you can kumpul your days to have a longer leave and balik kampung. Kerja pun bukan nya susah (unless kena jaga budak la…). Bersihkan rumah, masak, cuci kain… Itu pun kita kena ambil orang luar untuk buat. Kenapa tak boleh buat sendiri? Because I can pay for the extra hand and I don’t have time to do it everyday…
  • Cleaning services – Hospitals, airports, shopping malls needs a lot of cleaning crews. From my observations, most of the cleaning services are being handled by foreign workers. Why? Because the locals don’t want to do dirty jobs…
  • Manufacturing services – Abu recently told me that his workplace started to take Indonesian workers because we don’t have enough locals (again… WTF?!) to do the jobs. In my opnion, budak-budak local ni selalu bawak banyak masalah. I always hear him complain about his workers not coming to work la, masalah cinta la… Last-last, terpaksa la ambil Indonesian to do the job…

So, basically, the reason why we need to import foreign workers and not give the jobs to our locals is because THEY THEMSELVES DON’T WANT TO WORK…

My apologies

Haven’t been updating the blog lately. Cerita ada banyak tapi masa tarak cukup. Been very busy with work and ‘home’ work… Being the designated driver for my mom and all… Yes… Yes… I’m very pregnant and still driving like a maniac. I just can’t sit still!

So how’s everyone been? For the past weeks, I worked from home like 95% of the time. I only come to the office to record my calls and go back asap. After almost a week not being in the office physically, I found A LOT of christmas gifts on my table (thanks peeps!). However, there’s one gift INSIDE my drawer (which is weird because I NEVER fail to lock my drawer unless you kno where I keep my spare key…). And this is what I got;


It’s a mascara… Did you do this Cat??? Who did this???  I have a beautiful pair of eyelashes and don’t need any extra support to ‘volumize’ it! But anyways, thanks for the thoughts(?)… If this is some kind of a joke, you got me!!! I’m laughing in my heart…

As usual, I take the same route to work everyday but hardly get a chance to stop at the traffic light between Bukit Bintang and Lot 10. That’s my favourite traffic light place in the whole KL. Why? Because there’s a huge Takuya Kimura billboard, which makes me feel like I’m in Tokyo and also because I love Takuya Kimura. I finally managed to snap a picture of the billboard because of the lovely red light at the junction (yes… I’m weird today…).


I still haven’t got the time to either read or watch Twilight. With the raving reviews, I’m itching to go and play hooky this week. Sigh… And I still have groceries to do!!! No! I won’t ask Abu to do the groceries for me. I have this weird OCDC with my groceries. Not that I don’t trust my husband, but I just don’t like it when someone else is buying my stuff for me. Unless it’s a gift… Gifts are most welcome… Heh…

On Baby K and Aniq, here are some pictures:


Everytime I come to visit, my sister is feeding him. He’s getting rounder and rounder everyday.


Baby K excited whenever she’s around Aniq… Kept asking to carry Aniq.


So, I got her a baby doll for her to carry around… Heh…

Protege #2 is doing fine as well… She’s moving quite actively (which is good) but sometimes is hurting me. I’m bended and broken in every single way a human body could take (I feel la! So I’m drama queen… So what?!!!).

I’ll write some more when there’s time… For now, I’m going to kill the DJ on duty this morning for playing ‘Footloose’… The bloody song will be stuck in head the whole day!

Kepala ku buntu…

I’ve been wanting to write something but everytime I try, I ended up playing Bejeweled2 (damn you La Signora!).

Di dalam keadaan yang memaksa dan terpaksa, even a few lines pun boleh la… Heheheheh… Thanks for reading this few lines entry!

Have a fantabulous weekend ya’ll!

Thank You for the tag Ms Beautiful Life!

What were you doing 5 years ago?
5 years ago? Tahun 2003? Err… I think I got married that September… For the love of God, I cannot remember anything else!!!! OMG!!!!


What were the 5 things on your list to do today?
* Go to office and do some work
* Make sure work is done so that I can do work from home the rest of the week
* Kalau sempat, pegi berurut (my back is killing me)
* Go see my nephew
* Buy Xmas gifts

What are the snacks that you enjoy?
PRUNES… Hahahahaha! (Just for Cat and Marina…)

What are 5 things that you do if you were bilionaire?
^ Open up a boarding school for orphans
^ Open up a ladang for kucing-kucing terbiar
^ Buat masjid
^ Take over Apple and get bloody rich
^ I will also buy Johnny Depp and put him in a jar!!<– Wish yang teramat sukebe (gatal in Japanese)…

What 5 jobs you’ve had?
– A volunteer in SPCA
– Assistant Manager (konon-konon la) in Kenny Rogers KK
– Tution teacher for primary schoolers (for only 1 month)
– Authoriser
– Quality Analyst (presently doing this)

Who are 5 person you want to tag?
1. Cat (you love me right?)
2. Aidil (you also love me right?)
3. Junida (you really love me right?)
4. CJ (untuk menambah post dalam blog kau)
5. Whoever wants to do
I give Pye a rest the time sebab dia baru dapat baby… CONGRATULATIONS TO PYE AND WIFE!!!!

Selamat (belated) Aidiladha

Di dalam ke-busy-an dapat new baby, we did not forget the raya celebration. It’s the first raya we had in KL (meaning did not go back to Kuantan or KK), and we celebrated with my mom and new nephew at my sister’s place. Lots of food and it was one tiring day for all of us. Di sebabkan kepenatan and kemalasan, I only got a few pictures (all of them are Baby K’s btw). Oh! And every time I carry Aniq, she doesn’t allow anyone to touch us both at all and simply scream if Aniq is taken away by his mommy or his nenek. So here are some pictures;






Meet Aniq Fadhlillah Bin Azmi Bakti

After almost 6 hours of induced labor, he finally came out… My sister had emergency c-sect because of the umbilical cord wrapped around his chubby neck. Weighing at 3.37kg and 52cm in length, I present to you, my nephew (which by the way was born yesterday, 4th Dec 08 at 12.12pm);


Little Nicky a few minutes after he was born…


After 24 hours…


With Nenek Glamer…


With Pak Abu…


With his beautiful Auntie…

Congratulations again to Ajan and Azmi!

Di tag oleh Penulis Sepi (?)

Complete these sentences:

  1. Bekas kekasih saya… punya girlfriend baru ialah Miranda Kerr (what she got that I don’t?!!)
  2. Saya sedang mendengar… bunyi hidung anak saya yang tersumbat and tengah tidur (kesian…)
  3. Mungkin saya patut… bawak dia pegi klinik untuk sedut hingusnya…
  4. Saya suka belajar… bahasa baru, resipi baru…
  5. Sahabat baik saya… bertempiaran di merata tempat!
  6. Saya tak faham… banyak benda dan saya malas untuk CUBA memahami.
  7. Saya kehilangan… t-shirt favourite yang saya beli dari Jepun… Bloody thief took it right off my ampaian! Burn in hell!!!!
  8. Ramai yang berkata… “you don’t look pregnant from behind”… Saya pula menjawab, “Pinggang ku macam nak patah, kau bilang aku masih nampak ramping?”
  9. Makna nama saya… masih tidak di ketahui… Although there is a Surah in the Quran called ‘An-Naziat’ which means ‘The angels who tear out the sould of the wicked’…
  10. Cinta itu… universal!
  11. Disuatu tempat bernama… Sunway Medical Center saya akan berada esok untuk menanti kelahiran anak saudara saya…
  12. Saya akan cuba… untuk membaca sebuah buku pada bulan ini. It’s been ages since I read anything good.
  13. Makna “selamanya”… adalah ‘forever’ di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Heh…
  14. Handphone saya… tidak pernah kekal lebih dari 6 bulan… Ini adalah kelemahan saya yang paling terhebat…
  15. Saya paling meluat… kalau tengok pasangan bercinta (yang belum kawin) ‘bercumbuan’ di khalayak ramai. Rasa macam nak tampar-tampar je…
  16. Bila saya bangun dari tidur… saya akan membawa anak saya keluar dari bilik dan serahkan dia kepada bibik nya.
  17. Party adalah… sesuatu yang cuba saya elakkan. I’m not a very social person…
  18. Haiwan yang paling cute adalah… kucing yang sedang tidur… Apa-apa kucing yang tengah tidur IMO is the cutest animal on earth!
  19. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan adalah… bila kita tidak payah fikir pasal exam, duit, dan stuck di dalam jam… Bila la tu agaknya?
  20. Hari ini saya rasa sangat tension… kerana saya masih tidak tahu bila next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy akan di tayangkan…
  21. Malam ini saya akan cuba… untuk membuat kuah satay. Abu’s friend ordered a few hundred cucuk and now I have to do the kuah la…
  22. Saya betul2 inginkan… iPod touch 32G yang baru… Mine is only 16G… Tidak cukup untuk menyimpan siri2 TV kegemaran saya…
  23. Bila tengok muka kat cermin pagi tadi… saya nampak ada jerawat di bawah dagu saya.
  24. Shopping kompleks… di Malaysia terlalu crowded dan tidak cukup parking pada hari minggu!
  25. Makanan segera biasanya… tidak begitu sedap, mahal , tetapi memudahkan kehidupan harian orang-orang yang malas masak seperti saya.
  26. Ayat2 terakhir pada orang… “Khadeeja!!!” (sambil mengejar Khadeeja ke ruang tamu baru 5 minit tadi).
  27. Nak panjangkan tag ini? Silakan… Yang wajib membuat tag ini: Cat… Selebihnya, sesiapa yang sudi membuang masa dan ingin memenuhkan blog anda….

Selamat hari Selasa!

Today is the second day of December. I’m working from home since Baby K is still having flu.

As I flipped through all the channels in Astro, I realized channel 112 is playing Konsert Akademi Fantasia 3 and all of Mawi’s show over and over again. So I did a little digging and it’s actually due to his upcoming nuptial. Hmmm… How should I say this… WTH?!!! With all due respect to Mawi and his fans, I don’t think he can sing at all. He can mengaji but not sing. And I don’t see any new album coming out from this so called singer who won a singing contest. Last weekend, I saw in Utusan (or Berita Harian), his picture, wearing a Louis Vuitton belt with his nicely done suit. Orang kata, kita tidak boleh berdengki dengan rezeki orang lain. Tapi, IMO again, bila semua orang potray him as ‘alim’, ‘a simple budak Felda’, ‘down to earth’, let me just tell orang-orang kampung dan Felda yang telah menghabiskan duit diorang dengan mengundi dia, harga sebijik belt Louis Vuitton tidak kurang dari RM800… His whole new image is the exact opposite as to why he won the millions of votes from his fans… I pity them. I think, every single anak kampung, when they saw him in AF, made an immediate connection because dia pun budak kampung. So basically, all of their hopes and dreams, they see it in him. Again… I’m not questioning his rezeki… Bila ada duit, obviously you can afford a belt that costs a whole month of belanja for one Felda family. I’m just wondering if his fans realized that he changed so much…

A short shoutout before I sign off today:

Ajan: Beranak la cepat! Apa kau rasa? Oren? Heheheh…

Cat: Twilight was out last Thursday. Bila nak pegi?

Marina: Jom la tengok Twilight…

Ash: Nanti bisuk sia buat itu tag…

Pye: Adakah anda sudah menimang cahaya mata?

La Signora: Anduuuuk! Kalau la si Kady mau di hantar ke sana, lama suda ku hantar sama kau.

Everyone else: Please la update your blogs… Aku tengah kemaruk gossip… 🙂

Selamat hari Isnin!

I’m still sleepy but today, I’m in one of my ‘good’ moods… It’s a Monday and I’m in a good mood. Weird… Maybe my bloated sister will finally give birth today. Who knos…

It’s December already and I’m doing my year end appraisal… All I can say is ‘SIGH’… I realized I haven’t done ANYTHING big for work. So my year end appraisal doesn’t look that impressive this year. WATEVER!!!! I got pregnant and the only impressive thing about my numbers this year is the amount of MCs I took.

I wanted to watch Twilight last Saturday but I ended up treating myself for the most needed haircut ever. I look very very very Posh Spice now. Hahahahahah! Darken the hair color and pixie cut my hair. I’m in love with my own reflection. I also bought the whole set of Pirates Of The Carribean DVDs. Abu went back to Kuantan and I watched the whole 3 movies in 2 days. The rest of the hour, I was playing Bejewelled 2… Thanks to La Signora for the whole craze. And I don’t mean to brag but I beat your score like in 36 minutes!!!!


Again… I don’t mean to brag but… 🙂

I also found out that Cold Storage ada jual ‘Kerang dalam botol’ yang tersangat la mahal! It cost RM19 for a bottle of ‘pickled cockles’… Omputih la kan, kerang pun boleh buat duit… So just for Cat and Marina (if you didn’t get my mms);


Dengan mesej: Van Smirren is Dutch right? Should be right? This is the perfect gift for you-kno-who!

I think this should be enough for the day. Too much info (useless info I mean) might not be healthy for everyone. I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous mini me… Btw, she’s having flu and last nite I only slept for 2 hours because she kept waking up due to her blocked nose… My fault… Too much aiskrim and air sirap last week (it was bloody hot okay?!).