I really want to write something good…

But I don’t have anything nice to share for now…

Actually I have something to write about but I’m emotionally tired to write about it. I screamed at some cina kampung at Maybank Sunway Pyramid last Friday for being rude and stupid. And the story goes; I was there to ask a question about opening a Joint Account under 3 names (not allowed btw…), and this cina kampung (a lady with ridiculous mani + pedi and a lovely LV bag – damn I liked her bag…) came and interrupted me in the middle of my discussion with the branch manager. Her problem was that the deposit machine telan her duit and it got stucked. So she started screaming and blaming Maybank for the incompetence machine that they have. The branch manager CALMLY asked her to fill up a form and the money will be credited in 3 working days. She started screaming and screaming and screaming and blaming the manager for not being efficient (wtf???? It’s not human error… It’s a technical error you stupid woman!). When the manager asked her how much was the amount she put in the machine, you want to kno what her genius answer was? —> I dunno leh… Why must I count the money?! The machine will count for me maaaah!!!! Genius, I tell you… I gave her some time to vent out but after almost 15 minutes of the interruption of her screaming and abusing the manager, I couldn’t take it… So I started shouting at her and kept telling her she’s stupid. I did… I said, ‘Why you so stupid did not even count the money?’… Everyone was looking at us, the bank manager looked relieved, and I bet everyone was scared that I might give birth there and then…. Heh…
Moral kepada cerita ini: wait for your turn… Don’t intterupt people and don’t be an idiot!

10 thoughts on “I really want to write something good…

  1. Rad says:

    My guess, she was dumbo enough not to remember her pin numbers.. or was it coz the mani prevented her from punching in the right buttons? :p

  2. Ash says:

    Bah, funny gila posting kau. Aku boleh bayangkan betapa terkejutnya perempuan tu bila kene marah sama kau. He he he he. You go, mummy-to-be!

  3. Aidilz says:

    Maybe the lady shy to admit that she dunno how to count? Hehehe.
    Naziah.. Naziah.. Tabaik tau marah2 masa pregnant ni..

  4. Aku rase moral of the story is You Don’t Mess With The Ziah When She’s In Her Third Trimester.

    Let’s face it darling, Idioticus Maximus is a penyakit that will stick around until the end of time.Sabar jak lah.But yeah, ape ke jadah tak kira duit bila cucuk kat mesin ATM?!Begitu bangang.Mungkin dia banyak makan chingcheongfun kot.

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