Compassion and rationality

Another emos entry from me…

I was watching the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode a few days back. It was about a prisoner on death row who suffered from brain herniation (don’t I sound like a doctor????). He was DUE to die in 5 days but could go faster if they don’t treat his brain… How do you deal with this? I mean, you fix his brain and waste all those medicine, and before he could recuperate, he’ll be hanged/lethal injectioned. If you let him die of the brain herniation, he gets the easy way out. So how?

I’m always a firm believer of  capital punishment. Especially those rapists and murderer. A life for a life… As for pengedar dadah, I disagree with the capital punishment imposed on them. Why? Because they are businessmen. If there’s no demand, there will be no supply… The best punishment should be penjara seumur hidup. But for those rapists, they should be publicly stoned to death. Or even better if we cut of their penises and let them bleed to death. Why? Because they did what they did due to NAFSU. Murderers? I have mixed feeling about them. Psychologically, a lot of those who kill, suffered from abusive chilhood. And then you have another group of murderers who are just plain cruel and deserves to get their heads chopped off in public. IMO, those who kill because they are crazy, should be killed by lethal injection. Why? It’s the most humane way to die because it’s like putting an animal to sleep. Let them face God and let God handle them. Those who kill for fun, let them face their fears as we put the tali gantung over their neck and let them wait in fear as we drop them and their necks break. Do you kno that when they get hanged, they don’t necessarily die immediately. When your neck breaks, your blood pressure drops, and it will take a few minutes before you actually die (courtesy from Meredith Grey).

So… Back to the story from GA, the PDR (prisoner – death row) offered his organs to help out this sick kid who needed a new liver and intestines. Meredith was feeling bad for this PDR, while McDreamy went all out against helping him to get the easy way out. I agree with Meredith on this. Either way, he dies. And why waste all those medications on him. And also, the sick kid gets his organs… Murderer or not, I think it is more important to save the kid’s life and worry later if the organs will trigger any ‘killer instinct’…

3 thoughts on “Compassion and rationality

  1. that was exactly the episode’s idea. pertimbangan kemanusiaan yang wajar. so now i’m just wondering, what have the doctors (out there) been thought in their medicine schools?
    a) try their best to save life
    b) save life only when the patients can afford the cost
    c) does bad (killer in this case) genetics simply blends with others’ DNA?

    i simply do not know.

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