This cannot be real…

… Too cute to be real…

So for my birthday this year, I’d like 2 of this please… Anybody… Just get me 2 of this…

5 thoughts on “This cannot be real…

  1. ARGH!Kiyuttttt nya!!! Ku mok spuloh!(kan dah terkeluar bahasa ibundaku)

    Looks like a scottish-fold breed[if tengok the kelepet ears] but the eyes…oh my god…bulat cam katun manga siot!

    …I’d trade Pancho for one of these toyol-looking kitties XD

  2. naziah says:

    Pye: aku sudah cuba… percubaan kali ke-23 GAGAL sekali lagi… dia dah imune dgn permintaan kucing aku…

    LS: it is scottish fold… how come we dun have this breed di malaysia? i think it’s a cross breed betwenn munchkins (sbb kakinya pendek) and scottish fold… can u imagine us having one like this at home? i think the kitten will die sbb kena gomol…

  3. Ziah–my spesis kucing idaman would be the turkish van.I’s the one yang suka main air.Then come to think of it, my kucing sewel ni he’s half maine-coon according to the person who gave it to me (mak dia gatal, go kongkek with a jantan maine coon), so he does possess pretty funny characteristics seperti suka main fetch, suka bercakap, dan often buat aksi-aksi badut sarkis.but still, that kucing on the video soooooo kiut!!Jalan pun terkedek-kedek.You’re right, the cat won’t live long with us sebab gerenti mati kene picit/gomol/peluk.

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