So what’s new?

With me at least….

A lot of people been SMSing me asking whether I’ve given birth or not. The obvious answer my friends, is NOT. If I could update my blog the second my kid is out, I will… For now, I’m settling in with the pain. I’m not being zen about it and Abu’s been telling me I’m pathetic (WATEVER!!!) but it’s the final stretch of the marathon… If I wanna be pathetic, LET ME!!!

Let’s start with my sleeping habit. I don’t get to sleep properly at night. I don’t get to sleep at all at night nowadays. I’m not complaining tho… Since I work from home until giving birth, I get to sleep anytime I want to. Usually around 11am until 3pm. So to those who wants to call me and tell me about you dreaming that I gave birth last night (Junida, you are not the only person… 3 people SMSed and called with the same dream…), do it around 6pm or 7pm… I don’t entertain calls when I’m groggy and drooling very well. And to those who caught me at a bad timing, my apologies if I don’t give a shit about watever you are saying… Just kno that I still love you people, okay?!

I’m currently preparing myself for the birth… Watching all those birthing videos and stuff. I’m the kind of person who needs to mentally prepare by learning and seeing how it goes. I did the same thing with Khadeeja. From breech birthing to episiotomy, I watch them all. Now, I think if some other pregnant woman wants to give birth, I can be their bidan…

I also have this condition whereby my hemoglobin is too low. How does that affect the birth? If my hemoglobin is too low, the doctor will have to transfuse blood into me. Dalam bahasa yang lebih mudah, I don’t have enough blood in me. Watching all those vampire movies doesn’t seem to help at all… Hmmm…. So, I’m on iron tablets and strict red meat/liver/sayur bayam diet. Weird haaa? Most pregnant women gets high blood pressure. I, on the other hand don’t have enough. Worst case scenario? My sister or my husband or anybody with O+ blood can donate segelen of their blood to me… Anyone???

Baby in tummy is doing fine… She’s engaged but moving very, very actively still. Hence me having all those pains. Baby K? She’s excellent… She now can do the ‘peace’ sign and say ‘pish’. And she kept calling my sister and sister in law ‘adik’… I think it’s because she heard people calling the both of them ‘adik’. So instead of calling them auntie and bibik, she calls them ‘adik’. And once in a while, she will call me ‘kakak’. That’s because my maid calls me ‘kakak’… Funny little girl…

Abu’s been working these CNY holiday. I had to entertain myself. So today, I FORCED myself to walk. At this stage, walking helps to induce labor (according to the doctor). So I went to Subang Parade, Carrefour and RHB to pay my car. That’s a lot of activities for me. The past weeks, the farthest I walked was from my room to my living room, which is only 15 steps away (I counted…). And also, I finally waxed my legs (not that you’d be interested…). It took almost 2 hours for me to finish both legs because I can’t reach those areas near my ankles… But I did it… So, I’m all waxed and set to give birth… The question now is, WHEN??????????? Let’s hope it’s next week…

6 thoughts on “So what’s new?

  1. zezz says:

    wish i could donate some of my O+ but cant, widie pun takleh donate at the mo…anyways, all the best and semoga semua selamat dude!

  2. You poor darling.You shall always remember these moment, because you are entitled to use it against your children bila deyrang dah besar, the whole, ‘I had you for nine months blablabla’ thing XD

    You as mak bidan?I like that idea.Rawk jugak.Can you imagine the two of us laughing like hyenas and I’m in my kain-batik-pantang mode thing?Oh yeah.Itu pun kalu Airasia dah bukak flight ke Adelaide.Dapat kau picit-picit sama itu Pancho.


  3. Sbelum aku lupe,the whole self-grooming thing that you do is such a good practice.Adik aku misi kat SJMC, dia dok citerlah all the ‘bush’ stuff whenever some lady goes into labour.Hence adik aku slalu jer pesan ‘Always keep yer pubes trim nicely and short.Sakit jiwa ok tengok all the semak-samun’.Ah, my sister.Thank god for her.

  4. noordinarymomster says:

    i had blood transfused too masa pregnant dulu because i was anaemic – just so that we have enough blood in case of emergency during birth.

    take good care!

  5. naziah says:

    That’s why I’m so lethargic nowadays… Low blood circulation…
    LS: I’m thinking of doing the Brazilian wax… Heh…
    Zezz: u will need all the blood u can get.
    Momster: it’s hard but I’m willing to eat raw liver if I have to…

  6. Rad says:

    All the best darling.. ngilu aku .. ngilu aku membaca ni … semua benda la aku ngilu .. sbb tu i love entry about food 🙂

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