Grammys and Grannys

I’m watching the Grammys re-run on Astro now… Some good performances… I’m just not happy that Jason Mraz didn’t win anything (or did he???). The show’s not over yet. Baru habis performance Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Brothers. I don’t understand the craze with this group. Suara pun belum habis pecah lagi… Well… What would I kno… Kids nowadays have very weird taste in music… When we were *ahem*YOUNG*ahem*, we listen to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, NKOTB… Those are fantastic groups… Even if you don’t want to admit it, NKOTB rawked!

I’m doing okay with the confinement. Although my behind and my below are still sore and sometimes painful, I’m adjusting well with Meena’s sleeping and feeding pattern, and also playing sessions with Khadeeja. Nowadays, Khadeeja seems to sebut ‘nenek’ very often. Sampai mengigau malam-malam sebut ‘nenek’. I dunno which nenek tho. Her nenek Kuantan just went back last Sunday. And she usually will look at my mom’s pictures and say ‘neneeeeek’…

Meena is having some sort of allergy reaction towards I dunno what. Her face and body have spots/rashes all over. Kesian… Sampai mata dia bengkak. I think it’s due to the jamu I took and she’s breastfeeding… So, I stopped the jamu and for now, she have to settle with susu lembu.

Last nite’s movie? It was the worst 30 minutes of Keanu in my whole life… I usually will TRY to endure any movie with my favorite dudes but TDTESS is so bad, even his beautiful face can’t keep me occupied. Bloody bad movie…

Ok… A short note for La Signora: Mau si Meena? Boleh bah kalau kau… Kasi jak address. Aku hantar pakai pos laju…


Sleeping Beauties…


KKK kaler pink…


I cut her hair… Now she have Victoria Beckham’s bob hair…

8 thoughts on “Grammys and Grannys

  1. MashaAllah, comelnyer your girls.Ada geng puting si Kady dah ye.Was just about to ask about jamu + breastfeeding.Wouldn’t the milk taste jamu-ish as well to the little bub?

    Jiah, adelah orang bagi aku lampin baby HUGGIES yang 108 keping untuk newborn.Aku takde baby, jangan ko tanye apsal orang tu bagi aku diapers…tapi kau mau?Ala, HUGGIES yang ader gambar pooh + geng.Meena muat or not?If yes, I’ll mail it to you(will be the funniest parcel evahhhh!).YES NO MAYBE?

  2. figette says:


    I think Ameena ada atopic eczema, mcm my son – Haris. I noticed it 2 or 3 weeks after deliver. dia mcm rashes, merah. and sometimes mcm bengkak.

    treatment: doctor advise gune ELOMET cream. can get the cream at pharmacies too. selling at rm12. tapi kalu guna elomet, you cannot apply to baby’s skin more than a week. usually kalu aku letak hari ni, esok dah hilang eczema tu.

    but this eczema thingy, akan berulang2 sampai laa umur dia setahun. sometimes, tak sampai setahun pun boleh hilang.

  3. Rad says:

    Ziah, was gonna point out about eczema symptoms and thankfully Figette kindly have done that.

    Apa-apapun, u better check sama doctor, she couldn’t have been breast-milk intolerant (that doesn’t happen, does it?), and i don’t think jamu could spread that to the milk because it’s made from herbs.

    Take care darling, have lotsa rest!

    P.S. Kady always! My Taurean Sweetheart!xoxo

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