The Top 36

I disagree with 3 of the contestants the judges choose for the top 36 and I am ANGRY at the fact that Jamar Rogers is not in the top 36!

I kno most of you don’t really follow the show at this point but here’s the list of Seaon 8 top 36. And this year, they are doing the show like the first 3 seasons (by group and there’ll be wildcards…), unlike the latter seasons where the contestants were grouped as top 12 boys/girls…

  1. Adam Lambert – I’m voting for this dude. I hope Americans will appreciate his uniqueness.
  2. Alex Wagner-Trugman – I love this nerd. Because of his audition, I downloaded ‘Baby come to me’ to my iPhone.
  3. Alexis Grace
  4. Allison Iraheta
  5. Anne Marie
  6. Anoop Desai – Another nerd with a great voice. But Alex is my fave nerd.
  7. Arianna Asfar
  8. Brent Keith
  9. Casey Carlson
  10. Danny Gokey – I think the AI producers wants him to win. Pretty good chance too… But I like his best friend better… Why la they don’t put Jamar in?!!!!
  11. Felicia Barton
  12. Jackie Tohn
  13. Jasmine Murray – She’s very up-to-date. Not your typical black singer who sings Whitney.
  14. Jeanine Vailes
  15. Jesse Langseth
  16. Jorge Nunez – Another one of my favorite.
  17. Ju’Not Joyner
  18. Kai Kalama
  19. Kendall Beard
  20. Kris Allen
  21. Kristen McNamara
  22. Lil rounds – I can’t see why the judges like her so much. I think she sounds like any other good singers. Nothing special about her voice. She CAN sing but nothing more than a good singer…
  23. Matt Breitzke
  24. Matt Giraud
  25. Megan Corkrey
  26. Michael Sarver
  27. Mishavonna
  28. Nathaniel Marshall – One of those who, IMO, should not be in the top 36.
  29. Nick Mitchell – aka Norman Gentle. Him, being in the top 36, IMO, is a gimmick. Should not even be considered at the first place.
  30. Ricky Braddy
  31. Scott Macintyre
  32. Stephen Fowler
  33. Stevie Wright
  34. Tatiana Del Toro – The judges are crazy… I don’t kno why they choose her…
  35. Taylor Vaifanua
  36. Von Smith

So friends, don’t forget to watch the group performances starting next week. I’ll be doing my usual reviews then…

2 thoughts on “The Top 36

  1. elly says:

    hey, i’ll be with ya watching them and of coz your reviews too hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    hows confinement going, dear? hugz to kady n lil meena! ๐Ÿ˜€

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