Group 1 – Top 36

I’m disappointed… I only liked 1 performance. The rest were ‘okay’, ‘amaturish’, and ‘horrifying’. Let’s just get it on with the comments;

  • Jackie Tohn (A little less conversation) – I love her personality. She’s fun but her song choice was not right. She should’ve gone for a more bluessy song or at least do a Janice Joplin.
  • Ricky Braddy (Song for you) – Dude got excellent pipes but the song was too balladish for a first performance. I hope the judges will pick him in the wildcard round because it’s impossible for him to make it thru from this group with strong contestants in it.
  • Alexis (Never loved a man) – Despite watever raving comments the judges gave her, I didn’t like the performance that much. I thot it was just okay…
  • Brent Keith (Hicktown) – I understand that he wants to show his singing style; country, however, with such strong people in the group; Danny & Anoop, you can’t just perform an unknown song.
  • Stevie Wright (You belong with me) – It was the wrong song. The performance was a mess.
  • Anoop Dawg (Angel of mine) – Without looking at him, he sounded like JC from NSync… The song choice was different and he could’ve done better if he sing something more recent or at least famous. Nonetheless, he got good vocals.
  • Casey Carlson (Every little thing he does is magic) – Being pretty doesn’t help at all this time around. She butchered the song and still think it was ‘enjoyable’… Baby, it wasn’t ‘enjoyable’… It was awkward and angry mobs of The Police’s fan should be showing up at her house soon.
  • Michael Sarver (I don’t wanna be) – Song choice ok, vocals not so bad, but the performance was just too normal. Nothing special about it.
  • Anne Marie (Natural woman) – If you wanna sing a big song like this, you must have the charisma or at least have a good set of lungs like Melinda Doolittle. Very forgettable.
  • Stephen Fowler (Rock with you) – I actually think that the performance was not that bad. I like the song choice. Very bold… But he should’ve improvised it and make it his own if he wants it to have an impact with the viewers.
  • Tatiana (Saving all my love for you) – I hate to say this, but she’s not a bad singer . And, as a psychology grad, I think she’s got Bipolar Personality Disorder. Scary…
  • Danny G (Hero) – Eventhough I think the performance was a little ‘David-Cookish’ with the Mariah thingy, his performance was the best of the nite. And when the camera zoomed to Jamar, it brightens up my evening as well. Heeheehee… Awesome vocals!

So who’s going thru? Since this round they’ll be putting thru the top dude, top lady, and the second highest vote overall; I’d say Danny, Alexis, and Anoop.

2 thoughts on “Group 1 – Top 36

  1. zezz says:

    do tell if any of them sing Janice Joplin’s song…the only person that cud pull it off is Melissa Etheridge.

    …so, somebody butchered ‘Every little thing she does is magic?’

    i condemn her to hell 🙂

    ps – call me anal but honey, some songs arent supposed to be messed with!


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