Kenduri cukur jambul

First and foremost, my apologies to everyone for not inviting to the majlis. It was just a small kenduri for Ameena and Aniq at my sister’s place. I promise we’ll do a makan-makan session soon(ish… ).

Also, a million apologies for not updating the blog regularly. I have a lot to write but not sure which topic to post up. Will update more soon(ish also…).

I’ll let the pictures do the talking now…



4 thoughts on “Kenduri cukur jambul

  1. I ♥ those baby-swaddle thingies.Very convenient, aku siap buat promo suroh kengkawan beli bende tu, at least takder lah cramp lengan ye tak?What is Khadeeja eating?XD ha ha ha.So kiyut.

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