Group 2 – Eh???

I’m really pissed off with the judges for not putting Jamar thru now… Group 1 was boring, this group is just terrible.

  • Jasmine Murray (Love Song) – I hope she gets a second chance in the wildcard round because I think she’s unique. The song choice was not bad but the vocal was not good. I think she over-did the song.
  • Matt Giraud (Viva La Vida) – He should’ve gone with a blues song. Viva La Vida is one of the best song in 2008 and his voice is sooooo not suitable for it. Wrong song bro!
  • Jeanine Vailes (This Love) – It was so bad, even Paula can’t lie about it. And yes, she does have great legs…
  • Norman Gentle (And I’m Telling You) – The most entertaining, I agree. But unfortunately, this is a singing competition, not The Last Comic Standing. It’s people like this, who doesn’t take this competition seriously, who makes me angry at the judges, for wasting the top 36 spot on them. Jamar should’ve gotten the spot!
  • Allison Iraheta (Alone) – There was moments where I thought she was pitchy but compared to the rest of the contestants, she was one of the good ones…
  • Kris Allen (Man In The Mirror) – The voice was okay, but not great. The song choice was weird. His performance was forgettable.
  • Megan Corkrey (Put Your Records On) – I love her tone but it was very pitchy. The vocal was all over the place. But I still love her… And I love her hair…
  • Matt Breitzke (If You Can Only See) – Very safe and normal and boring performance. To sum it up; forgettable.
  • Jesse Langseth (Betty Davis Eyes) – One of my favorite song. Despite a few ‘out of breathe’ moments, I think it was a good performance. One of my favorite tonight.
  • Kai Kalama (What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted) – What’s wrong with him? Why is he singing this type of depressing song??? Why? Why? WHY?
  • Mishavonna (Drops Of Jupiter) – She’s got a nice tone to her voice. But it was the wrong song for her. She should’ve gone for something from Christina Aguilera.
  • Adam Lambert (Satisfaction) – The best tonite, but not his best performance ever. I adore his uniqueness… Go Team Lambert! Woohoo!!!! He’ll sail thru to the next round tho…

This week, I don’t really care whoever goes thru. I’m still angry with the judges for putting ‘NONSENSE’ in the top 36…

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