Is it wrong for me to ask for a decent service?

This time, it was the MAS call center. I am VERY disappointed…

Malas mau cerita panjang-panjang lah! As you all kno, me and Air Asia don’t see eye to eye anymore. And I’m not gonna say ‘I expect shitty treatment from AA but not from MAS’ because ALL call center customer service officers should treat their customers accordingly. Just because people pay lesser with AA doesn’t mean that people deserve lesser service as well. Having said that, since I paid a bomb to fly with MAS, I DEMAND a better service from them. What tagline???? MH stands for Malaysian Hospitality my ass!

As a Quality Analyst for a call center, I tend to compare the service I get from other companies with the service (or at least the calls) that we give from our company. I’m not saying that we give the best service but we try. There are a few bad apples in the team but nothing compares to the shitty service I got from the MAS officer. I don’t want to re-live the conversation. My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. The officer was lazy. Buat kerja senang pun malas. Suruh check reservation pun macam kena suruh angkat kayu bikin bangunan. If you are rude, I can maki hamun you there and then. But if you are lazy, I can’t do anything but recommend that you are fired from the job. I need to stop it at that and breathe now…. Fuhfuhfuhfuhfuh (ala-ala orang mau beranak punya breathing…)!

To the director/manager of MAS call center, either you need to re-train your staff or hire me as your QA.

Sekian, terima kasih!

7 thoughts on “Is it wrong for me to ask for a decent service?

  1. Ha, ini yang aku tak paham bebenor.Takkan takdak QA kat cc MAS.Ke CSR deyrang memang spesis brani mati kot.If they can give us a 110% quality service, I will be harking through my nose mempromotekan the syok-best said service to everybody.Even a 80% good quality pun kira okaylah (let’s face it, sometimes not the CSR but the birokrasi yang crappy).But to get a 10% crap service is just plain sakit jiwa okay.So did you say it???Did you say you’re not happy with the service?!*muka eager* Mesti CSR tu punye KPI memang tahap keparat hahahahahahahahh

    …was a bit shock to hear it was MAS.Tsk tsk.

  2. cat says:

    the Naziah I know & love is back. miss ur temper ๐Ÿ˜‰

    btw i hate MAS too. the cabin crew have the manners of wild monkeys. and they serve Milo aiskrim on a stick as dessert.

  3. zezz says:

    MH = Malaysian Hospitality only applicable for foreigners yg rambut blond mata biru ok?

    fellow malaysians are just pariahs menompang atas kapal terbang diorg tu.

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