Michael Jackson’s Nite – Top 13

I’ll get straight to the comments:

Lil Round (The Way You Make Me Feel) – Too over the top IMO… I didn’t like it that much.

Scott MacIntyre (Keep The Faith) – Not that good but he’ll get thru due to sympathy vote. The song choice was not good and the peformance was too safe…

Danny Gokey (Pretty Young Thing) – The beginning of the song was weird. As he gets into the faster beat, it was fantastic. He knos how to work the crowd.

Michael Sarver (You Are Not Alone) – What I like about the performance is that he didn’t sing the song as it is. Not the best vocalist but it was just ok.

Jasmine Murray (I’ll Be There) – She sounds like Christina Aguilera (a bit)… Again, another safe performance. If I can vote, I won’t vote for her tho…

Kris Allen (Remember The Time) – I have a thing with this song. I think it’s one of the sexiest song ever existed. Eventhough the vocal was not good, but I like the whole performance. I thot it was charming.

Allison Iraheta (Give In To Me) – Never heard the song before. Not my cuppa tea… Her performance was ok vocally. I just wish she choose a different song.

Anoop (Beat It) – He needs to put in more ‘umphhh’ in it. More power or better yet, sing a different song.

Jorge (Never Can Say Goodbye) – BADDDDD! So unfortunate… He’s got the voice but the song choice was not good.

Megan Corkrey (Rockin Robin) – I love her stage presence! I love the performance. Not the best singer tho…

Adam Lambert (Black Or White) – I’m a fan! The whole performance was over the top but who cares?????!!!!! Go Adam! Woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Giraud (Human Nature) – The song suits him well. Good performance!

Alexis Grace (Dirty Diana) – There were parts of the song that I feel she was struggling with. Overall, I like it.

Who’s going home? Simon said 2 people, so my picks are Michael Sarver and Jasmine Murray.

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