Sunway Lagoon… Good entertainment, bad service.

After 4 (or is it 5 years?) of living right across Sunway Lagoon, we finally went there last weekend.

I thot it was hi-time that we introduce Baby K to outdoor activities. And so, we decided to bring her to see the animals. I wanted her to see and touch the animals upclose. That’s why we went to the petting zoo instead of the big zoo. We (termasuklah mak bapak dia) had a blast playing with the animals and stuff. It was a lovely weekend overall. However (yes… I always have something to complain about!), I’m just not happy with the service they give. Most of all, I’m unhappy with the ethique of some of the visitors. I think the park management needs to do something about it;

  1. To the cashiers: The way you greet your customers is as if you kena paksa bangun pagi-pagi suruh kutip duit. You are the first person we see before entering the park, so greet nicely!
  2. To the visitors: Please lah beratur dengan betul. If you are not buying the tickets, don’t crowd the enterance!!!! You will get your freaking tickets once your friend pay it!!!!!!!! Macam lembu terlepas dari kandang!
  3. To the food/operators: Buat kerja cepat la sikit. We ordered fish & chips and it took almost 25 minutes. Sudah la orang kelaparan….
  4. To the Banglas yang jaga binatang: Well done! They are the friendlier service persons there…

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