Country week – Top 11

Other than the bickerings between Simon and Paula, Paula’s cleavage is stealing the show tonight… Overall, it was not a bad week. No one sang ugly-ly or out of tunes. Most of the performances were safe and forgettable. Let’s get on with my opinions this week:

Michael Sarver (Ain’t going down till the sun comes up) – It was a very hard song to sing. I think the performance was all over the place but still ok… However, he didn’t get to show off his vocals tho.

Allison Iraheta (Blame it on your heart) – Country with a twist of rock n roll… Really, really good performance. I’m not a huge fan but she did pretty well. I have a love-hate relationship with her husky voice.

Kris Allen (To make you feel my love) – He’s really cute!!! And one of the best performance tonight. It didn’t sound too country-ish, which made the song acceptable to my ears. Yeay Kris!

Lil Rounds (Independence day) – I’m never a fan of hers because I think she’s shouting, not singing… And Simon is so funny… Calling her ‘Little’… Hahahahahaha! And I agree, she sounded like a wedding singer. And stop being a smartass, giving excuses for your bad performance. ‘Mary talks little’… Hahahaha! I love you Simon!

Adam Lambert (Ring of fire) – Can’t he just do it straight up? I hated the performance. It was weird (some people may call it unique). I’m just happy that it was over and I’m pretty sure he’ll be safe this week because he’s got strong fanbase. He still gets my vote. I still love him.

Scott MacIntyre (Wild angels) – Funny, funny dude… I agree with Paula. He should ditch the piano once in a while. The whole performance was ok but it was a safe performance. Nothing different or special about it. And they kept avoiding the negative comments. Why????

Alexis Grace (Jolene) – An ‘ok’ country performance. But very forgettable. I like her tho. I hope people vote for her.

Danny Gokey (Jesus take the wheel) – Another strong performance by Danny. He’s smart for choosing this song. He didn’t change the song much and that’s clever. People just want to listen to the song once in a while…

Anoop (Always on my mind) – Go Anoop!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Bravo! Standing ovation from me! Yeaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan Corkrey (Walking after midnight) – Did I say that I love her personality already? Not crazy about the whole performance but it was something different. At a certain point, she sounded like a goat. maybe because she’s sick. I hope she’s still in next week.

Matt Giraud (So small) – My favorite performance of the week. It wasn’t perfect but I just love the whole piano-playing-non-country-sounding performance.

The best performance goes to Anoop, hands down. Who’s going home? Either Michael or Scott not because their performance were bad, but it was forgettable (but I secretly wish Lil Round going home this week).

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