T’was once, life was simple…

Tapi sekarang, semua pun terlalu canggih.

  • I went to Toys R Us yesterday, wanting to buy an educational toy for Baby K. Something like an electronic ABC reader… Went in, and there wasn’t even one simple ABC thingy. Everything was so hi-tech that I thot it was not worth buying if she doesn’t understands it. Rugi… Sudah la mahal… Rosak kalu, sakit jiwa ku…
  • We went to see the paed for vaccinations. And there’s this thing called PVC and Rotavirus vaccination which cost a bomb. Nasib baik la optional. Not that I don’t care about whatever penyakit it prevents but I just don’t think it’s necessary. What happen to the usual BCG punya injection only? I pity the kids nowadays… They need so much extra jarum just because the medical experts says it’s good (which is true…). And parents nowadays (termasukla gue sendiri), are paranoid about everything! Having a furry pet at home doesn’t mean that your kid will end up having asthma, so stop asking me to get rid of my cats!!!!!
  • Kalau dulu-dulu, kita nyanyi ‘burung kakak tua’ or ‘twinkle twinkle little star’… Sekarang, Khadeeja DEMANDS me to sing ‘Munajat Cinta’ every time she wants to sleep…. I had to search for the lyrics sebab I kept singing it with different lyrics. Heh…
  • Ameena is allergic to cow’s protein, hence the eczema all over her face and kepala. Terpaksa la kasi susu soya. Yes, I breastfeed her but usually, susu badan not enough. She’s about 4.3kg already and feeds at 3 to 4oz each time. I’m actively finding ways to banyakkan air susu and found a tea (it’s called Milkmaid Tea) that helps lactating moms. You can buy it from the link or at Sunway Hospital punya kedai runcit.

Whatever it may be, life as we kno it is gone… I wish my kids can just go out and climb trees like I did.

4 thoughts on “T’was once, life was simple…

  1. Raz says:

    I have tried so many ways to increase my milk supply (halba+ susu laa, dried longan, kurma cina , green veges and etc ) but this milk tea really works tau!
    Too bad i only got to know bout it after my pantang but i’m really happy with the results now.. 🙂


  2. noordinarymomster says:

    yup heard the tea really works! 🙂

    try do painting with Baby K ziah… from my observation, Imtiyaz can actually sit down and do his painting quietly for a good 20 mins at least! which is good enough for me… sbb dia tak penah nak duduk diam! 😛

    but yes, panjat pokok, tangkap rama2 & dragonfly… hehehe… those were the days… 🙂

  3. akmalia says:

    ziah…munajat cinta > the rock, ahmad dhani, is it? I thot Adelia is the only one yg nak suruh lullaby ngan “malam ini ku sendiri”. That’s how she described the song, rather than munajat cinta. I think maybe because dia suka the videoclip kot..

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