Motown nite – Top 10

Let’s just say I’m carrying a huge big banner with the sign ‘Adam Lambert For President’ tonight… Ok… Nuff’ blushin’ about Adam…

Matt Giraud (Let’s get it on) – A very good opening for the nite. He made the song very funky and sexy.

Kris Allen – I didn’t watch his performance… Sorry…

Scott MacIntyre – Not good. Very pitchy. I hope America doesn’t give him any sympathy vote.

Megan Joy (For once in my life) – She sounds like a goat. She might be in trouble as well.

Anoop (Baby baby) – Good vocal but very boring performance. I felt like he was falling asleep… But sleepy or not, dude can sing!

Michael Sarver (Ain’t too proud too beg) – Beg for the votes Sarver cause the performance was not good! It was all over the place! I was hoping that it’ll be his nite since he’s got that very nice suave tone in his voice. Might be going home as well.

Lil Rounds (Heatwave) – My humble opinion has been agreed upon by Kara. This lady doesn’t sing, she shouts! It was a bad performance and Smokey my man, I wouldn’t want her to sing my phonebook!

ADAM LAMBERT (Tracks of my tears) – I’m SOOOOOOOOO buying this track from iTunes. I’ll pay the bloody 99cents just for him… And I love the clean look. Very very handsome. Go Lambert!

Danny Gokey (Get ready) – His fans might throw rocks and burn my house. I didn’t think that it was his best performance. He was half shouting the song. I mean, I’m a huge fan but I thought the performance was too ‘noisy’.

Allison Iraheta (Papa was a rolling stone) – Fantastic singer she is! I wasn’t a fan before but now I’m beginning to like her. Very talented. Love the husky vocal.

Who’s going home? Me thinks it’s Sarver… But also Anoop is in a very dangerous ground. His boring performance might be forgettable…

2 thoughts on “Motown nite – Top 10

  1. hate to admit it but yah!! what d heck happnd to megan?!! her voice is unique but she went weird that nite!

    and yes, adam looks goooo-hoood. 🙂 aku da stat nk minat mamat yg sore mcm justin tmberlake tp lagi sedapppp :)))

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