Country week – Top 11

Other than the bickerings between Simon and Paula, Paula’s cleavage is stealing the show tonight… Overall, it was not a bad week. No one sang ugly-ly or out of tunes. Most of the performances were safe and forgettable. Let’s get on with my opinions this week:

Michael Sarver (Ain’t going down till the sun comes up) – It was a very hard song to sing. I think the performance was all over the place but still ok… However, he didn’t get to show off his vocals tho.

Allison Iraheta (Blame it on your heart) – Country with a twist of rock n roll… Really, really good performance. I’m not a huge fan but she did pretty well. I have a love-hate relationship with her husky voice.

Kris Allen (To make you feel my love) – He’s really cute!!! And one of the best performance tonight. It didn’t sound too country-ish, which made the song acceptable to my ears. Yeay Kris!

Lil Rounds (Independence day) – I’m never a fan of hers because I think she’s shouting, not singing… And Simon is so funny… Calling her ‘Little’… Hahahahahaha! And I agree, she sounded like a wedding singer. And stop being a smartass, giving excuses for your bad performance. ‘Mary talks little’… Hahahaha! I love you Simon!

Adam Lambert (Ring of fire) – Can’t he just do it straight up? I hated the performance. It was weird (some people may call it unique). I’m just happy that it was over and I’m pretty sure he’ll be safe this week because he’s got strong fanbase. He still gets my vote. I still love him.

Scott MacIntyre (Wild angels) – Funny, funny dude… I agree with Paula. He should ditch the piano once in a while. The whole performance was ok but it was a safe performance. Nothing different or special about it. And they kept avoiding the negative comments. Why????

Alexis Grace (Jolene) – An ‘ok’ country performance. But very forgettable. I like her tho. I hope people vote for her.

Danny Gokey (Jesus take the wheel) – Another strong performance by Danny. He’s smart for choosing this song. He didn’t change the song much and that’s clever. People just want to listen to the song once in a while…

Anoop (Always on my mind) – Go Anoop!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Bravo! Standing ovation from me! Yeaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan Corkrey (Walking after midnight) – Did I say that I love her personality already? Not crazy about the whole performance but it was something different. At a certain point, she sounded like a goat. maybe because she’s sick. I hope she’s still in next week.

Matt Giraud (So small) – My favorite performance of the week. It wasn’t perfect but I just love the whole piano-playing-non-country-sounding performance.

The best performance goes to Anoop, hands down. Who’s going home? Either Michael or Scott not because their performance were bad, but it was forgettable (but I secretly wish Lil Round going home this week).

T’was once, life was simple…

Tapi sekarang, semua pun terlalu canggih.

  • I went to Toys R Us yesterday, wanting to buy an educational toy for Baby K. Something like an electronic ABC reader… Went in, and there wasn’t even one simple ABC thingy. Everything was so hi-tech that I thot it was not worth buying if she doesn’t understands it. Rugi… Sudah la mahal… Rosak kalu, sakit jiwa ku…
  • We went to see the paed for vaccinations. And there’s this thing called PVC and Rotavirus vaccination which cost a bomb. Nasib baik la optional. Not that I don’t care about whatever penyakit it prevents but I just don’t think it’s necessary. What happen to the usual BCG punya injection only? I pity the kids nowadays… They need so much extra jarum just because the medical experts says it’s good (which is true…). And parents nowadays (termasukla gue sendiri), are paranoid about everything! Having a furry pet at home doesn’t mean that your kid will end up having asthma, so stop asking me to get rid of my cats!!!!!
  • Kalau dulu-dulu, kita nyanyi ‘burung kakak tua’ or ‘twinkle twinkle little star’… Sekarang, Khadeeja DEMANDS me to sing ‘Munajat Cinta’ every time she wants to sleep…. I had to search for the lyrics sebab I kept singing it with different lyrics. Heh…
  • Ameena is allergic to cow’s protein, hence the eczema all over her face and kepala. Terpaksa la kasi susu soya. Yes, I breastfeed her but usually, susu badan not enough. She’s about 4.3kg already and feeds at 3 to 4oz each time. I’m actively finding ways to banyakkan air susu and found a tea (it’s called Milkmaid Tea) that helps lactating moms. You can buy it from the link or at Sunway Hospital punya kedai runcit.

Whatever it may be, life as we kno it is gone… I wish my kids can just go out and climb trees like I did.

Sunway Lagoon… Good entertainment, bad service.

After 4 (or is it 5 years?) of living right across Sunway Lagoon, we finally went there last weekend.

I thot it was hi-time that we introduce Baby K to outdoor activities. And so, we decided to bring her to see the animals. I wanted her to see and touch the animals upclose. That’s why we went to the petting zoo instead of the big zoo. We (termasuklah mak bapak dia) had a blast playing with the animals and stuff. It was a lovely weekend overall. However (yes… I always have something to complain about!), I’m just not happy with the service they give. Most of all, I’m unhappy with the ethique of some of the visitors. I think the park management needs to do something about it;

  1. To the cashiers: The way you greet your customers is as if you kena paksa bangun pagi-pagi suruh kutip duit. You are the first person we see before entering the park, so greet nicely!
  2. To the visitors: Please lah beratur dengan betul. If you are not buying the tickets, don’t crowd the enterance!!!! You will get your freaking tickets once your friend pay it!!!!!!!! Macam lembu terlepas dari kandang!
  3. To the food/operators: Buat kerja cepat la sikit. We ordered fish & chips and it took almost 25 minutes. Sudah la orang kelaparan….
  4. To the Banglas yang jaga binatang: Well done! They are the friendlier service persons there…

Gambar-gambar balik KK itu hari…

Di sebabkan gue suda berjanji, and certain-certain orang sudah menuntut, nah! To those whose been asking, enjoy! To those who don’t care, WATEVER! 🙂
Pemandangan Tanjung Lipat dari dalam kereta... SIGH...

Pemandangan Tanjung Lipat dari dalam kereta... SIGH...


Tanjung Lipat

Tanjung Lipat


Hospital Queen Elizabeth where I was born. It's going down ndak lama lagi...

Hospital Queen Elizabeth where I was born. It's going down ndak lama lagi...


Meena with Nenek

Meena with Nenek


Baby K yang tengah bad mood with Bapak

Baby K yang tengah bad mood with Bapak


Aniq and the Great Grandma

Aniq and the Great Grandma


Meena with the Great Grandpa

Meena with the Great Grandpa


Aniq and Papi nya...

Aniq and Papi nya...



Checkout the selipar...

Checkout the selipar...

Itu saja la… Selamat menjamu mata!

Apa yang susah betul???

Kementerian Pelajaran needs to stop all this nonsense about teaching Science and Maths in English. Here are my opinions:

  • Pelajar luar bandar banyak menghadapi masalah sebab English is not an everyday language for most of them.
  • Pelajar yang tinggal di bandar pulak, menghadapi masalah dengan subject lain sebab ndak paham certain terms or penerangan dalam bahasa melayu.
  • Adalah lebih bagus kalau kita belajar sesuatu di dalam bahasa ibunda dulu sebelum belajar dalam bahasa kedua.
  • Budak yang masuk sekolah cina or tamil, belajar dalam bahasa cina or tamil. So what’s the problem with learning in BM?
  • Science and Maths are FACTUAL learning. It means, kau belajar dalam bahasa apa sekali pun, 1 + 1 = 2 (one plus one is two… satu campur satu ialah dua… ).
  • Di sebabkan Kementerian terlalu menekankan kepentingan bahasa asing, bahasa melayu sendiri sudah lintang pukang.
  • Zaman kita belajar dulu pakai bahasa melayu, and we turned out to be FINE…
  • Bukan mau cakap apa la jugak, most teachers yang di tugaskan mengajar science and maths in english pun mungkin kurang mahir sebab diorang dulu-dulu pun belajar benda tu dalam bahasa melayu. Unless they have a very strong background in english, which I seriously doubt (sorry again… just an opinion…)…

Kesimpulannya; gunakanlah bahasa kebangsaan kita… Jangan la susah-susah mengejar dunia barat. If the Japanese can, we can too! Banzaaaaaai!!!!!!!!!!

Sekian. Terima Kasih…

p/s: Harap-harap jangan ada yang terasa… This is just one person’s opinion…

Michael Jackson’s Nite – Top 13

I’ll get straight to the comments:

Lil Round (The Way You Make Me Feel) – Too over the top IMO… I didn’t like it that much.

Scott MacIntyre (Keep The Faith) – Not that good but he’ll get thru due to sympathy vote. The song choice was not good and the peformance was too safe…

Danny Gokey (Pretty Young Thing) – The beginning of the song was weird. As he gets into the faster beat, it was fantastic. He knos how to work the crowd.

Michael Sarver (You Are Not Alone) – What I like about the performance is that he didn’t sing the song as it is. Not the best vocalist but it was just ok.

Jasmine Murray (I’ll Be There) – She sounds like Christina Aguilera (a bit)… Again, another safe performance. If I can vote, I won’t vote for her tho…

Kris Allen (Remember The Time) – I have a thing with this song. I think it’s one of the sexiest song ever existed. Eventhough the vocal was not good, but I like the whole performance. I thot it was charming.

Allison Iraheta (Give In To Me) – Never heard the song before. Not my cuppa tea… Her performance was ok vocally. I just wish she choose a different song.

Anoop (Beat It) – He needs to put in more ‘umphhh’ in it. More power or better yet, sing a different song.

Jorge (Never Can Say Goodbye) – BADDDDD! So unfortunate… He’s got the voice but the song choice was not good.

Megan Corkrey (Rockin Robin) – I love her stage presence! I love the performance. Not the best singer tho…

Adam Lambert (Black Or White) – I’m a fan! The whole performance was over the top but who cares?????!!!!! Go Adam! Woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Giraud (Human Nature) – The song suits him well. Good performance!

Alexis Grace (Dirty Diana) – There were parts of the song that I feel she was struggling with. Overall, I like it.

Who’s going home? Simon said 2 people, so my picks are Michael Sarver and Jasmine Murray.

Beach bum mode ‘off’

Back in KL after 9 days of beach bumming… And the sad thing is, I didn’t get to go to the beach even once!

It rained every day and we (Baby K, Amoi and myself), semua came down with flu and fever… A lot to write and update. I have this great piece about the recent hiatus on English as a medium for Maths and Science. But I’ll do that later when I’m in full swing. I will also update pictures from our kampung trip later.

Also, my apologies for not posting the usual AI comments last week. The internet connection kept bumping me off! All in all, I’m happy with the judges pick for Wildcard. I’m rooting for Jorge but I don’t think he’ll make it that far. I’m just glad Tatiana’s not in….. Psycho….

Okie dokie… I promise to write soon… As for today, I have a lot to do in my list…

Kampung ku…

I’m in my ‘beach bum’ mode…

As I was driving from bandar KK back to my house, I rolled the window down. Something that I’ve never done since forever. The salty smell of seawater quickly filled my car… And it makes me wonder… Why the bloody hell would I want to stay in KL??????