Saving electricity?

I’m in KK for a week already and almost everyday karen rumah kami di tutup for 3 hours.

According to my aunt, this is due to the projek bikin empangan somewhere here la. Since they need a lot of power to kick off their generators, the kerajaan is asking us all to ‘participate’ by reducing the use of electrical stuff and also by pencatuan tenaga. So each kawasan will not have power for at least 3 hours everyday. IMO, this is a good way to save power. Like it or not, for 3 hours each day you will not have any power at all. If we want to save the environment, this is really a good way. I mean, nobody likes it when they don’t have any karen at home especially when you have small kids. Kesian jugak, sebab panas and if it happens at night, gelap + nyamuk. But 3 hours is still bearable… Why not kan???? If people in KK can survive it in this bloody heatwave, why not the rest of Malaysia…

Hawt! Hawt! Hawt!

KK is soooooo panas!

Yes… Lagi panas dari KL. I think this is mainly due to the laut surrounding KK. Yes… I’m still here. The Don (me grandpa) is doing mucho better, thanks to all those prayers and loves sent… I’m here until Saturday. Just need to make sure he acknowledge my presence (heh… Jangan nanti dia bilang ‘I sakit you didn’t come and see me!’). 5 pm today we’ll get confirmation on his condition (if he needs surgery or watever).

Anak-anak ku? Khadeeja is definitely happy because she can play outside the house. There’s a lot of attention on her as well (and since she’s a diva, she just lurves the attentions). Si Amoi? Macam tu la jugak. All she does is sleep and hisap susu. My mom is definitely busier than ever (hospital… cucu… masak… hospital again…). Kasi chance la once in a while. After this week, the house will be empty again and she’ll get her peace.

Obi Wan? Apple Malaysia REFUSED to fix it. They only take the ones from Maxis. I say WTF?!!!! They have the odesity to tell me ‘you pergi Low Yatt kasi betul la’… HELLO!!!! Kau ingat itu barang ciplak ka??? So what if, I’m a foreigner, whose iPhone gone haywire during my visit in Malaysia, and wants it fixed? You cannot fix it here? Bukannya suruh diorang buat kerja free! I’m willing to pay the cost of service. Bloody fool punya Apple Malaysia… I anger ok… ANGER!!!!!!!! It’s dethhhhpicable!

Ok la… Have to finish my work before I go hospital (tukar shift with my sister). Till pen meet paper…

p/s: American Idol pun ndak tertengok sudah… Sigh…

Juling mata hitam ku

It’s 11.12pm…

I want to sleep but I can’t sleep.

I want to complete my work but the server connection is so slow.

Everyone’s tired today. After spending 2 whole days (baru 2 hari!) in the hospital, either standing or sitting on kerusi yang lagi keras dari batu, I deserve a good nite sleep. But here I am… Not leeting myself get the sleep that I deserve. So what now? Since the server is so slow and I can’t sleep? What do I do? How do I entertain myself????

Saya di Kota Kinabalu

I flew myself and the powerpuff gals in this morning…

Semalam punya cerita di Singapura, perjalanan yang teramat lancar. We even arrived 20 minutes earlier than schedule (or as the flight attendant pronounced it ‘thayjuel’)… I try not to laugh until she started the briefing in BM and sebut perkataan ‘asal’ dengan penuh arabic nya. Kalau boleh di spell dalam jawi begini la lebih kurang ‘ain-tha-lam (eg: thila kembalikan meja anda ketempat yang ‘aaathal)… Yeth… Sthe thpeak like thith…

Anyways… I arrived home around 9pm, immediately started packing for our trip back home today. Why the rush? My Nenek Aji (grandfather) is in the ICU… Alhamdulillah, the flight was not delayed and the powerpuff gals pun behaved very well… Somewhere in between, before we landed, Baby K started screaming ‘sakit! sakit!’ sambil menunjuk telinganya.

Nobody in KK knos that we were coming home. So I surprised them by suddenly showing up at the hospital. We’re supposed to take the flight back home on Saturday but at this stage, I guess we have to wait and see until my Nenek Aji is out from the ICU. I was at the hospital until 7.30pm just now. I’m bloody tired but I have a lot of stuff to do tonight. Baby K is already asleep and Si Amoi is with her Nenek… I can barely open my eyes… I think I have to leave it at that for tonight and do my work tomorrow morning…

Saya di Singapura

So far so good… AirAsia didn’t screw up the timing. The flight was BAD because of the weather. The taxi ride from the airport to the office was killing me because the uncle didn’t kno where Comtech is and started telling me about his life story. He even showed me that he got no teeth… All that he’s got was his gums… No teeth… Just gums… And he drove like 10km/jam. I feel like asking him to drive as if he is running after his long lost teeth…

It was raining a bit this morning and now, it’s 12.27noon, the weather lloks fine. I’m waiting for my boss to take me out for lunch. The new office? Fantastic! Their pantry looks like an ikea advert lah! So jeles… I’ll take a picture of the espresso machine (if they still have it). And they have a vending machine with all the nice minuman. Sigh… Maybe I can steal some milo 3 in 1… The milo 3 in 1 is free by the way… So I should just take a whole bunch and bring that back to you nice people in The Weld.

Okla… I have pretend to be busy now… My flight back is at 7.10pm. Hopefully there’s no delay…

Obi Wan is sick…

Aku yang teramat frustrated sebab my Obi Wan is sick…

Kepada sesiapa yang ndak kenal Obi Wan, it’s my iPhone. It’s a technical problem. The round ‘Home’ button is not sensitive anymore and I have to press like a few times before it does anything… Hari ni, I will bring Obi Wan to see the good people at Machines and hopefully they’ll give me a good prognosis (i.e: We can fix it!) and not the bad news (i.e: There’s nothing that we can do about it…). If the prognosis is not good, I have decided to get myself the 16gb 2G phone (since I x need to use the 3G function pun). Iskiskisk…

Soalan2 yang gerenti bermain di kepala semua orang:

  • How the hell iPhone mu boleh rosak? Mana la aku tahu… Sudah dia mau rosak! Bukannya aku sengaja kasi rosak.
  • Why do you need to buy a new iPhone? Buy normal phone sudah la! I like iPhones… I love the functions. And I’m an advanced and avid iPod user. If no iPhone, I will have to carry a hp, an iPod, and a book around. Unless it’s the iPod touch… I can load up books and games in iPod touch.
  • Then get the iPod touch la! Why bother… I want an iPhone!
  • If you already kno want you want, why are we having this conversation????? Heeeheeeheee… Saja buang masa…

Okla… FYI; I’m going to Singapore tomorrow morning, 7.50am flight. Hopefully AirAsia don’t screw up and make me late to go to work there…

Looks ARE deceiving…

Topik utama dalam internet… Susan Boyle and her incredible voice. I still prefer Paul Potts though…

I just love the judges punya expressions… Pierce looks as if he was about to cry. I think Amanda forgot to breathe for a few seconds. And Mr Cowell with his ‘is he going to hit the high note’ face. I can play this clip 500 times and still feel like crying…

And for those who still haven’t seen Susan Boyle’s video;

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Merindukanmu by D’Masiv

Hari jiwang sedunia… Heh…

For Abu, I love you…

Merindukanmu by D’Masiv


saat aku tertawa
diatas semua
saat aku menangisi
aku… ingin engkau selalu ada…
aku… ingin engkau aku kenang…

selama aku
masih bisa bernafas
masih sanggup berjalan ku kan slalu memujamu
meski ku tak tahu lagi
engkau ada dimana
dengarkan aku… ku merindukanmu

saat aku mencoba merubah sgalanya
saat aku meratapi kekalahanku
aku… ingin engkau selalu ada
aku… ingin engkau aku kenang

Sempurna by Andra & The Backbone

I dedicate this song to my girls… Mommy *heart* yous!


Kau begitu sempurna
Di mataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku akan selalu memujamu
Di setiap langkah ku
ku kan selalu memikirkan dirimu
tak bisa kubayangkan hidup ku tanpa cinta mu

Jangan lah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersama mu ku akan bisa
Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku, lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku kau begitu,


Kau genggam tangan ku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikan kata yang hapus semua sesalku

Jangan lah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersama mu ku akan bisa
Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku, lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku kau begitu

Movie Nite – Top 7

I like this week… I like most of the performances and I especially like the songs.

Allison – Aerosmith is one of my favorite band and I think this girl is really brave choosing a song as BIG as I don’t wanna miss a thing. I thought she could make a better impact if the key was one note higher. Nonetheless, the perforwance was very good.

Anoop – I love the movie, I love the song, and most of all, I love Bryan Adams. Anoop did a flawless job with the singing. Another excellent performance, but there ain’t no one better to sing Everything I Do than the original singer. I think it’s BA’s husky voice made the song romantic.

Glambert – Like I’m watching his concert! He was born to be wild!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt – It’s one of the most romantic song ever written, sung by one of the best singer ever, for one of the most beautiful movie ever, starring one of the sexiest male specimen on earth ever. And theeeeeen, he sang out of tune…. If you still make it to next week Matt, please don’t be too ambitious.

Danny – I didn’t like the beginning, but the middle and the end of the song was fantastic. And they needs to stop pimping his late wife…

Kris – I told my SIL, I bet the boys won’t like the song and the performance, and the girls will be swooning. True enuff, Randy didn’t like it, and Kara/Paula was in love. And I’m in love too. I thought it was a great soulful performance. And Kris is REALLY cute!

Lil Round – Didn’t like her attitude and she didn’t sing it well. I hope she goes home.

The best performance of the nite goes to Glambert.

The worst performance is a tie between Matt and Lil Round.

Who goes home? Anoop… Hehehehehe…