100 friends for the environment

I didn’t switch off my lights during Earth Hour. Reasons? Because Baby K refused to stay quiet in the dark. Also because I thought it was useless. Why? Good question… And I ask you back, why only for one night and one hour? Does it make any difference? Of course it did but if you want to start doing something about the environment, start with carrying reusable shopping bags whenever you go out.

I started refusing plastic bags this week. I carry 5 or 6 reusable bags when I go out for groceries. I ALWAYS have 1 reusable bag with me. I kno it’s hard and too petty to keep carrying these bags but once you train yourself to do it, you’ll get the hang of it. Here’s how we do it;

  • Have a list of your groceries and decide how many bags you need to bring to the market/supermarket.
  • Always put the bags inside your car so that you won’t forget. For me, every time after I kemas barang groceries, I will immediately put the bags back into my car or put it right next to the front door.
  • Buy small foldable bag to make it easier for you to carry inside your bag all the time. I got mine in Tokyo, a foldable Roo shopper bag. You can also get it here. Or if you don’t want to pay a lot on a grocery bag, go to Daiso at The Curve (it’s like the 100yen shop), or the 100yen shop in Sunway Mentari or SS2. They sell it for RM5. But there’s no harm in being fashionably concious in our fight for the environment. Heh…

It’s okay if you don’t carry enough reusable bags. Even if you carry 1 reusable bag, you already refused 1 (or even more than 1 if your items are small) plastic bag.




Big enough to carry a 3kg sabun cuci kain

Big enough to carry a 3kg sabun cuci kain

I kno it’s not much and there’s a lot more that we can do to help with the environment (especially diapers, water, electricity…). But at least we are doing something. So, in the spirit of saving the environment, I pledge to make 100 friendship bands and give it to my friends who wants to be an eco-warrior and save the planet. To those who are interested, send your home addresses and I will mail it to you! Email them to ziah@rocketmail.com or sms it to me; +60178784008.
Hand made by moi!

Hand made by moi!

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change

– Michael Jackson, Man in the mirror –


3 thoughts on “100 friends for the environment

  1. I support any effort to save the planet.The Aussie govt put out a plastic-bag ban starting May 4th of this year, so certain supermarkets has phased out the use of plastic bags.Hence the greenbag madness, which I always makesure it’s in the car to avoid the lupa-bawak thing.Then there’s of course those trolley shopping bags(http://www.folding-shoppingcart.com/detail104995-shoppingcartwithtrolleycart.htm) I much prefer the ones yang tertutup to avoid people stealing your sayor/sabun etc.My Earth Hour sangat menyedihkan.Only lasted 2 minutes because suddenly gua ketakutan.Ha ha ha.But hey, I think I pretty much do my part with the recycling bin thingy and the greenbags AND making the husband catch a train to work instead of driving the car.Whee for me.

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