Movie Nite – Top 7

I like this week… I like most of the performances and I especially like the songs.

Allison – Aerosmith is one of my favorite band and I think this girl is really brave choosing a song as BIG as I don’t wanna miss a thing. I thought she could make a better impact if the key was one note higher. Nonetheless, the perforwance was very good.

Anoop – I love the movie, I love the song, and most of all, I love Bryan Adams. Anoop did a flawless job with the singing. Another excellent performance, but there ain’t no one better to sing Everything I Do than the original singer. I think it’s BA’s husky voice made the song romantic.

Glambert – Like I’m watching his concert! He was born to be wild!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt – It’s one of the most romantic song ever written, sung by one of the best singer ever, for one of the most beautiful movie ever, starring one of the sexiest male specimen on earth ever. And theeeeeen, he sang out of tune…. If you still make it to next week Matt, please don’t be too ambitious.

Danny – I didn’t like the beginning, but the middle and the end of the song was fantastic. And they needs to stop pimping his late wife…

Kris – I told my SIL, I bet the boys won’t like the song and the performance, and the girls will be swooning. True enuff, Randy didn’t like it, and Kara/Paula was in love. And I’m in love too. I thought it was a great soulful performance. And Kris is REALLY cute!

Lil Round – Didn’t like her attitude and she didn’t sing it well. I hope she goes home.

The best performance of the nite goes to Glambert.

The worst performance is a tie between Matt and Lil Round.

Who goes home? Anoop… Hehehehehe…

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