Looks ARE deceiving…

Topik utama dalam internet… Susan Boyle and her incredible voice. I still prefer Paul Potts though…

I just love the judges punya expressions… Pierce looks as if he was about to cry. I think Amanda forgot to breathe for a few seconds. And Mr Cowell with his ‘is he going to hit the high note’ face. I can play this clip 500 times and still feel like crying…

And for those who still haven’t seen Susan Boyle’s video;

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Looks ARE deceiving…

  1. omg, that news is like overplayed hour-by-hour here.These type of videoclip lah buat aku pandai nangis-syoksendiri.Love the fact of everyday-people with REAL talents.At least diorang tak gedik like most of these talent-show contestants.By the way, I got your mail (incase ko tak terima SMS aku).OMG,sungguh best okay.Have fully utilized your friendship bands.Pancho’s already drenched in his air liur.

  2. Rad says:

    only week one and we’ve potentially (99.9%) found the winner of this year’s BGT … there goes my Friday/Sat night. Terpaksalah tunggu X Factor this summer.

  3. ida says:

    yeah! go normal-pple-xtraordinary-talent! mmg, main 5 juta kali pun, aku masih ada that kind of choked-terharu-feelings, dan aku takkan jemu tgk clip dia

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