Obi Wan is sick…

Aku yang teramat frustrated sebab my Obi Wan is sick…

Kepada sesiapa yang ndak kenal Obi Wan, it’s my iPhone. It’s a technical problem. The round ‘Home’ button is not sensitive anymore and I have to press like a few times before it does anything… Hari ni, I will bring Obi Wan to see the good people at Machines and hopefully they’ll give me a good prognosis (i.e: We can fix it!) and not the bad news (i.e: There’s nothing that we can do about it…). If the prognosis is not good, I have decided to get myself the 16gb 2G phone (since I x need to use the 3G function pun). Iskiskisk…

Soalan2 yang gerenti bermain di kepala semua orang:

  • How the hell iPhone mu boleh rosak? Mana la aku tahu… Sudah dia mau rosak! Bukannya aku sengaja kasi rosak.
  • Why do you need to buy a new iPhone? Buy normal phone sudah la! I like iPhones… I love the functions. And I’m an advanced and avid iPod user. If no iPhone, I will have to carry a hp, an iPod, and a book around. Unless it’s the iPod touch… I can load up books and games in iPod touch.
  • Then get the iPod touch la! Why bother… I want an iPhone!
  • If you already kno want you want, why are we having this conversation????? Heeeheeeheee… Saja buang masa…

Okla… FYI; I’m going to Singapore tomorrow morning, 7.50am flight. Hopefully AirAsia don’t screw up and make me late to go to work there…

4 thoughts on “Obi Wan is sick…

  1. naziah says:

    u shud only get an iPhone, if u use iPod a lot… kalau ndak, rugi lor… setengah orang don’t get the fuss with iPhone but it’s the best gadget ever invented la… yes, a lot of other phones boleh upload lagu and movie. But iPhone had got a lot of other applications available (eg: books, games… etc…)… beli.. beli… jangan ndak beli… heh… beli 2G cukup… kalau ada wi-fi easier… kalau 3G kena bayar for surfing lagi dgn mobile carrier… bukak jak wi-fi senang…

  2. wow.iphone pun boleh k-o ah?
    wat is happening to the world????!

    damn.just stick to the cheapo phonesla.
    at least got more than one buttons…so if one rosak can play with the others…:p
    btw-hv a safe trip!

  3. Rad says:

    I hope that Obi Wan gets his ‘anu’ fixed to ensure it’s sensitivity.

    Have a great time in Singapore, ging.. (diriku masih kebingungan memilih rugs itu.)

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