Hawt! Hawt! Hawt!

KK is soooooo panas!

Yes… Lagi panas dari KL. I think this is mainly due to the laut surrounding KK. Yes… I’m still here. The Don (me grandpa) is doing mucho better, thanks to all those prayers and loves sent… I’m here until Saturday. Just need to make sure he acknowledge my presence (heh… Jangan nanti dia bilang ‘I sakit you didn’t come and see me!’). 5 pm today we’ll get confirmation on his condition (if he needs surgery or watever).

Anak-anak ku? Khadeeja is definitely happy because she can play outside the house. There’s a lot of attention on her as well (and since she’s a diva, she just lurves the attentions). Si Amoi? Macam tu la jugak. All she does is sleep and hisap susu. My mom is definitely busier than ever (hospital… cucu… masak… hospital again…). Kasi chance la once in a while. After this week, the house will be empty again and she’ll get her peace.

Obi Wan? Apple Malaysia REFUSED to fix it. They only take the ones from Maxis. I say WTF?!!!! They have the odesity to tell me ‘you pergi Low Yatt kasi betul la’… HELLO!!!! Kau ingat itu barang ciplak ka??? So what if, I’m a foreigner, whose iPhone gone haywire during my visit in Malaysia, and wants it fixed? You cannot fix it here? Bukannya suruh diorang buat kerja free! I’m willing to pay the cost of service. Bloody fool punya Apple Malaysia… I anger ok… ANGER!!!!!!!! It’s dethhhhpicable!

Ok la… Have to finish my work before I go hospital (tukar shift with my sister). Till pen meet paper…

p/s: American Idol pun ndak tertengok sudah… Sigh…


6 thoughts on “Hawt! Hawt! Hawt!

  1. noordinarymomster says:

    Glad to hear the grandpa is getting better!

    .. can’t imagine how panas is KK is KL pun dah macam ni! huhuhu…

    and for the apple service, why la semua benda bila masuk malaysia je semua service jadi teruk?

  2. naziah says:

    Nins: Yes… Why??? WHY???? Masuk je border Malaysia, terus barang2 jadi teruk.

    Edel: Yeeeethhh… Altho the AirAthsia sthewardesth..

  3. ida says:

    tak baik tau ejek2 the AirAthsia sthewardesth, nnt sok kat akhirat bogel2 ko kena pi mintak maap kat dia… hahah!
    (ingat tak? ingat tak? aku rasa dida suka guna ayat ni dulu kan?)

    anyway, semoga atuk ko cepat sembuh & kim salam kat mak ko ek.

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