Saving electricity?

I’m in KK for a week already and almost everyday karen rumah kami di tutup for 3 hours.

According to my aunt, this is due to the projek bikin empangan somewhere here la. Since they need a lot of power to kick off their generators, the kerajaan is asking us all to ‘participate’ by reducing the use of electrical stuff and also by pencatuan tenaga. So each kawasan will not have power for at least 3 hours everyday. IMO, this is a good way to save power. Like it or not, for 3 hours each day you will not have any power at all. If we want to save the environment, this is really a good way. I mean, nobody likes it when they don’t have any karen at home especially when you have small kids. Kesian jugak, sebab panas and if it happens at night, gelap + nyamuk. But 3 hours is still bearable… Why not kan???? If people in KK can survive it in this bloody heatwave, why not the rest of Malaysia…

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