… about;

  • whether or not I should go to Singapore next week. I plan to go for a day trip to visit the ofis there… Won’t cost that much pun. The flight (unfortunately by Air Asia) is only RM158 (to and fro)…
  • I wanna go back to KK this month or next… Just looking for the cheapest seat I could get.
  • which book to read… I have a few ‘pending’ books which I bought during pregnancy and haven’t read any yet (which includes New Moon, Sisterhood of the travelling pants part 4… etc…).
  • should I go back half day and work from home today? I have this crazy sakit tekak – coughing marathon going on. I think everyone in the ofis are scared of me. I might lick their mugs when they go out for lunch so that everyone will have sore throat as well. Roll la your eyes… I WILL lick your mugs!
  • whether I should watch Boys Over Flower (the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden) online or wait for the DVD…

Ozone layer semakin nipis and I have THOSE issues in my head…

I will lick your mugs!!!

I will lick your mugs!!!

It was sooo last week…

… But the excitement ain’t over yet… Well, not for me at least…

Last Friday, I took my babies and was flaunting them all over the ofis… So sorry I couldn’t wait for all the aunties and uncles because Miss Cranky Pants started shouting at every single person who went near her sister. Some pictures of some aunties with Meena;

She can pass as Cate's daughter la!

She can pass as Cate's daughter la!


Auntie Olive also wants to take her home.

Auntie Olive also wants to take her home.


The Diva and the Queen's daughter... Heh...

The Diva and the Queen's daughter... Heh...

 And on Sunday, we went for baby Sofeeya’s kenduri aqiqah & cukur jambul.

The adorable Sofeeya and the fabolous me

The adorable Sofeeya and the fabolous me


The 2 botaks

The 2 botaks

2/3 of the Powepuffgirls with their Bibik

2/3 of the Powepuffgirls with their Bibik


Camwhoring with the manhoe..

Camwhoring with the manhoe..


Beauty and the not-so-beautiful

Beauty and the not-so-beautiful

 Overall, it was a productive weekend. Got myself 2 new series to watch (True Blood and Confession of an American Teenager). Abu and I tried to catch a movie on Saturday but the line was too long. Malas mau beratur lama-lama. I bet we’ll end up getting like the second row from the screen… Sigh…

I’ll update more stuff this week. I still have tons of work to do but I think I’ll manage…

There are some things that will definitely put a smile on your face

For me, there were conversations which I will never forget. Here are some;

  • Cat, Marina, and I were doing crossword puzzles in NW magazine. The hint was ‘a well known spicy soup in Asia’ (6 letter word).

Marina: Who wrote ‘Szechuan’ here?

Me: I did… Incorrect meh?

Cat: ‘Szechuan’ is 8 letters…

From there onwards, it was proven that I was the dumb-blonde between the 3 of us (stop laughing both of you!)


  • I went back to TKC to get my SPM cert and met up with my Add Maths teacher, the late Mr Nathan

Mr Nathan: So what did you get for Add Maths?

Me: I passed! I got a P7…

Mr Nathan: I guess the passing mark this year is only 5

I am not exagerating when I say I NEVER EVER passed my Add Maths since form 4 until SPM… NEVER… Ask my classmates… Almost everyone (with the exceptions of like 10 students who we tiru from), failed Add Maths in every test.


  • My sister was telling me about  ‘baby shower’ and her husband

Sister: Ko tahu jo, Si Azmi ndak tahu apa tu ‘baby shower’.

Me: Eh?

Sister: We went to the scrapbooking place and there’s an album with ‘my first baby shower’, ‘my second baby shower’..

Me: And then?

Sister: And he said ‘wah! Bagus nya… You boleh letak gambar baby you punya first time mandi here…’

Me: …………. *Laughing until water came out from my nose*


  • During my class with Dr Shukran in UIA, in front of the whole lecture hall

Dr Shukran: Can you tell us what is Type A behaviour?

Me: *Very confidently answering* Type A is the opposite of Type B…

I wasn’t being cheeky… I wasn’t paying attention actually. Heh…


I guess that’s enough to put a smile on your face for today. And to spoil the excitement those who watch AI; Scott MacIntyre is out!

p/s: BIL, I am sooooo sorry but your story is very entertaining…

Top 8 minus 7

Who cares what every body else are singing?! I’m not even bothered to comment on any of the performances. Even the good ones (I thought Matt and Danny were good) looked amaturish. This is all because of that Lambert dude… And we finally see eye to eye; Mr Cowell and I. As Rickey always say; Go Glambert!

Aku Cinta Padamu on Imeem

Aku yang ketinggalan zaman ni baru discover ke’best’an Imeem…

I kno Imeem existed but I didn’t kno that you can find everything and anything there! And so, today, I will be “busy” listening to songs. I still am in denial and refusing to do any official work. I’m done with clearing all my emails. And today I plan to just sit and stare at my very long list of things that I have to complete.

I leave you nice people today with a song that I have been looking for since last year… This is the original version of the famous ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’ by Mazlan Hamzah.


I kno…

I’m back in the office. And the first day back I already did something embarrasing. Here’s my conversation with a nice young man (I think he’s a fresh grad yang baru start kerja somewhere in the Weld) in the lift this morning.

Dude: … Kept stealing glances at me while waiting for the lift…

In the lift;

Dude: Hi…

Me: Err… Hello…

Dude: I’m new here…

Me: Err… Ok…

Dude: Err… Ok then… (I think he might be thinking ‘this lady is so sombong’)

Me: *wth is the lift so bloody slow*… He kept looking at me…

Dude: I don’t mean to be rude but I think you are cute.

Me: I kno…

And then, I left… Leaving him staring blankly at me as the lift door closes and now he must be thinking ‘what a b***h’…


I mean, I’m never pretty/beautiful. I kno I’m cute. I should’ve said ‘thanks’ because NOBODY ever said that to me directly. Kesian budak tu. So to the courageous dude, whoever you are; THANK YOU! You just made my first day back at the office much much better than I expected. Even the hundreds of emails that I have to read doesn’t bother me now. Kembang hidung aku kejap…

100 friends for the environment

I didn’t switch off my lights during Earth Hour. Reasons? Because Baby K refused to stay quiet in the dark. Also because I thought it was useless. Why? Good question… And I ask you back, why only for one night and one hour? Does it make any difference? Of course it did but if you want to start doing something about the environment, start with carrying reusable shopping bags whenever you go out.

I started refusing plastic bags this week. I carry 5 or 6 reusable bags when I go out for groceries. I ALWAYS have 1 reusable bag with me. I kno it’s hard and too petty to keep carrying these bags but once you train yourself to do it, you’ll get the hang of it. Here’s how we do it;

  • Have a list of your groceries and decide how many bags you need to bring to the market/supermarket.
  • Always put the bags inside your car so that you won’t forget. For me, every time after I kemas barang groceries, I will immediately put the bags back into my car or put it right next to the front door.
  • Buy small foldable bag to make it easier for you to carry inside your bag all the time. I got mine in Tokyo, a foldable Roo shopper bag. You can also get it here. Or if you don’t want to pay a lot on a grocery bag, go to Daiso at The Curve (it’s like the 100yen shop), or the 100yen shop in Sunway Mentari or SS2. They sell it for RM5. But there’s no harm in being fashionably concious in our fight for the environment. Heh…

It’s okay if you don’t carry enough reusable bags. Even if you carry 1 reusable bag, you already refused 1 (or even more than 1 if your items are small) plastic bag.




Big enough to carry a 3kg sabun cuci kain

Big enough to carry a 3kg sabun cuci kain

I kno it’s not much and there’s a lot more that we can do to help with the environment (especially diapers, water, electricity…). But at least we are doing something. So, in the spirit of saving the environment, I pledge to make 100 friendship bands and give it to my friends who wants to be an eco-warrior and save the planet. To those who are interested, send your home addresses and I will mail it to you! Email them to or sms it to me; +60178784008.
Hand made by moi!

Hand made by moi!

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change

– Michael Jackson, Man in the mirror –

‘Irrasyaimase’ my arse!

I’m angry (again)!

So yesterday, my sister and I went to Sushi King Subang Parade for tea (she got this weird obsession-cravings for ocha and sushi now). There were only 2 other tables filled with people and 1 assistant manager at the cashier. So we took our seat and waited for the assistant manager to come and take our order. There was no usual ‘irrasyaimase’ greetings, so we assumed that she didn’t realize we were there. After a few moments, she came out of the counter, saw us, and IGNORED us… She kept doing watever it was that she was doing. Me being in a bitchy but not really in a bad mood started complaining softly but loud enough for her to hear to my sister. It was my usual “mana orang ni? diorang ndak mau kasi kita minum ka? ka dia ndak perasan? wat kind of service are they giving? bloody hell it’s been 5 minutes and she still ignores us!”… I kno my sister was already scared that I make the girl cry, so I decided not to embarass her and kept my anger to only mumblings. And then, the girl came and STARED at me. At first I thought she was angry because she heard me. And so I ignored her bulging eyes. After taking our orders, I realized she was stealing glances and was still staring at me whenever there’s chances. I kept asking my sister if there’s something on my face. Maybe I was too pretty for her common eyes. Yes, I kno I probably deserve the staring but did I mention she ‘threw’ the receipt on our table? Dalam hati aku ‘kalau ndak mau kerja balik rumah la!’…

The whole point of this post and the title especially is, Sushi King is very well known for their japanese greetings and stuff. You may not think it’s necessary and even hypocritical or annoying but you bloody work in a bloody japanese company so just say the bloody greetings because it’s the ‘japanese’ work ethique to greet customers properly. I hate people who don’t follow the proper work I ethique. I DEMAND my ‘irrasyaimase’ and ‘arigato gozaimasu’!!!!! Even after we paid them, there was no ‘thank you’ at all. The girl kept talking to her colleagues ignoring the customers. I hate it when people never say thank you to their customers. I hope Sushi King punya management read this post. You should do something about your people in Subang Parade. The food quality is not good as well. The kaiten belt was empty. Your tea was burning hot. Your staff treats customers like shit. I will NEVER eat there anymore!!!! And that’s why that assistant manager will be an assistant manager forever. Bad attitude doesn’t go well with that small small brain of yours…

You people just love my angry posts don’t you? Heheheheheh….

Top 9 AI

I’m not in the mood to give any seperate comments because I didn’t concentrate much.

The judges need to stop pimping Danny Gokey. Yes, we get the fact that he can sing. I still think he was kinda shouting the song. Megan should go. She sounds like a goat again. I like Allison’s performance and agree with the judges on the ugly outfit, but then who cares???? Matt is in trouble. Scott did better. I hope Lil Round goes home. I’m marrying Adam Lambert and I don’t care if he’s gay or straight. I just need him to sing to me every time before I go to sleep, or work, or eat, or breathe. Kris Allen is also very good and cute. I think Anoop will be going home.

50 first reactions

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS … type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it!

1. Beer: Haram (jawapan alim)
2. Food: Essential
3. Relationships: Complicated
4. Crush: Johnny Depp… Sigh…
5. Power Rangers: The white one was cute!
6. Life: Beautiful
7. The President: Obama
8. Yummy: McSteamy
9. Car: I like…
10. Movie: A way to escape reality
11. Halloween: Pumpkins
12. Sex: Overrated
13. Religion: Calming
14. Hate: Starbucks coffee (too sweet)
15. Fear: Losing my kids… Nauzubillah… Touching all sorts of woods now!
16. Marriage: Intimate
17. Blondes: Bimbos? (Sorry…)
18. Slippers: WAJIB ADA… A MUST!
19. Shoes: Red converse
20. Asians: Culturally inclined
21. Pass time: Books
22. One night stand : McSteamy!!!!! Heh…
23. My cell Phone: A God send
24. Smoke: Busses in KL needs to be environmentally friendly
25. Fantasy: Johnny Depp being my boyfriend
26. College: Changed my life. I met Abu there
27. High school Life: Learned a whole lot about life in TKC. And especially important; friends!
28. Pajamas: Ultraman kaler hijau
29. Stars: Way up in the sky. I want to name one…
30. Center: Side?
31. Alcohol: Reminds me of perfumes… And Baby K just pecahkan my brand new Harajuku perfume.
32. The word love: Should be said to the people you love before it’s too late.
33. Friends: I love them all!
34. Money: An essential luxury unfortunately
35. Heartache: Losing people we love
36. Time: Never enough
37. Divorce: Not that bad
38. Dogs: I want huskies!
39. Undies: Batgirl from Topshop
40. Parents: My mom is my whole world
41. Babies: My whole universe
42. Ex: Happily married
43. Song: Viva La Vida
44. Color: Rainbow
45. Weddings: Tiring… Exciting…
46. Pizza: Last week
47. Hangout: At home
48. Rest: Read books while the kids are asleep
49. Goal: David Beckham (I dunno why)
50. Inspiration: …

Thanks for the tag Zatul!