Post-op 3rd day

Okay… So here’s the thing… I had a tumor on my right thyroid.

To make the long story short, I just found out about it last Friday, confirmed the tumor on Saturday, and had the surgery to remove my right thyroid on Tuesday… Biopsy result will come out next week. The biopsy will confirm whether it’s benign or cancerous. Let’s just hope it’s good news.

I hate those IV drip thingy...

I hate those IV drip thingy...


Post-op day 1

Post-op day 1


Post-op day 2

Post-op day 2

Pray for me my friends…

Angry, suprised, tired, hungry, sleepy…

… is what I’m feeling at this moment.

My morning started very well. 8am I was already in Shah Alam. Got the LHDN thingy done within 5 minutes. Went to the Imigresen dengan perasaan penuh semangat. Sampai kaunter, budak Imigresen tu pun kata, ‘semua dah lengkap… TAPI yang ini kita kena hantar pergi Pengarah untuk approval sebab yang ni untuk second maid. Jadi kalau untuk Pengarah, kita kena submit employment letter jugak’. Dengan mata ku yang merah menyala like the fire of Mordor, hati ku hancur macam mashed potato, I knew, I had to come down all the way to KL and request the letter from ofis. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I guess I spoke too soon about Imigresen…

So, me, being in the ofis means that I missed AI finale… I managed to catch the announcement bit from live telecast tho. Kris Allen won is the biggest upset ever. But I actually thought he would win after last nite’s performances. Why? I think he won because of sympathy vote. The song, No Boundaries, was so obviously biased meant for Adam Lambert. Kris couldn’t hit those high notes. Even Adam sang it pitchy. The song is just horrible. It sounded as if an amature wrote it. As what Simon said, ‘the mountains and hurricanes song’. IMHO, it was the ugliest song ever in AI history. Whatever it is, my Wednesdays and Thursdays are empty again… Congratulations to Kris Allen. But unfortunately, we all kno Adam Lambert will be the bigger star.

Ok… I’m all zen and calm. I’ll do some work before I drive back home and continue work from home. Adios!

Macam-macam cerita

Cerita pertama, pasal Jabatan Imigresen.

No… Nothing bad. I’m actually impressed with their customer service quality. Stop glaring!!! I’m not being sarcastic here. I’m actually happy with the answers the officer gave me. It was very clear, concise, and most of all; assuring. Even the receptionist sounded very friendly. I was already in my ‘battle mode’ this morning before I called them. Like a big fat cat, ready to pounce on the unknowing prey… Wasted betul all the no-nonsense scenarios I planned in my head. By the way, I called Imigresen Shah Alam pagi tadi.

Cerita nombor dua, LHDN Plaza Perangsang.

Yang ini memang bikin sakit hati. Do you kno that kaunter untuk duti setem tutup pukul 3.45pm? Yes… Bukan macam ofis hour biasa. I had a lot of stuff to do in the ofis today. I only came out from The Weld pukul 3pm, thinking that LHDN and Imigresen tutup at least pukul 4.30pm. Dengan segala gembiranya, I parked my car, walk briskly to Plaza Perangsang, naik la lift pigi tingkat 9. And teruslah meruju ke kaunter ambil nombor. This was the conversation yang menyakitkan hati, jantung, dan kepala ku;

Kakak montel LHDN: Nak beli setem duti ke dik?

Aku yang comel: A-aah.

KmLHDN: Ala dik! Kaunter dah tutup.

Aku yang confused: Huh? Baru pukul 3.50pm.

KmLHDN: Besar-besar kita letak sign TUTUP tu kat depan pintu dik. Bahagian duti setem je yang dah tutup. Sebab diorang kena buat balancing before ofis tutup.

Aku yang mintak kesian: Ala kak. Saya lambat 5 minit je. Kat kaunter tu masih ada orang tengah beli setem. Boleh la kak. Saya dari ofis ni.

KmLHDN: Itu last customer la. Datang besok la pukul 8 pagi.

Aku yang dah bengang gell: Ok. Kalau saya datang besok pagi, pukul 8, gerenti boleh dapat duti setem tu 8.01am? Ke nak kena tunggu 8.30am, bila orang kaunter dah siap buka sistem?

KmLHDN: *senyum tersipu-sipu*

Moral of the story; kalau bab tutup ofis ni, TERAMATLAH PUNCTUAL diorang. I kno it’s my fault but at least be a little bit compassionate.

So I have to go to Shah Alam again tomorrow morning. Punah lah harapan aku mau menengok AI live results 8am tomorrow… Sigh…. Hopefully everything will be fine and I can still catch the announcement part. Sigh… I need to stop sighing also… SIGH… Bak kata Gregory House; ” House’s house of whining. State your complaint please”…


Sudah besar lah!

Sudah besar lah!

Perbualan antara aku dan anak dara ku;

Me: You sayang Mommy?

BabyK: No

Me: You sayang Bapak?

BabyK: *Mengangguk dengan penuh kesungguhan sekali… Chet!*

Me: Siapa you sayang lebih, Mommy ka Bapak?

BabyK: Mommy!

Confused or whaaat?!

Pembantu Rumah

To those who wants to look for a new maid, here’s a good website to help you;

Warisan Srikandi

Very clear and concise explanation about the process/procedures and yang paling penting the cost breakdown. Pengurusan mengambil maid ni sebenarnya tidak lah sesusah yang kita pikirkan. Dari bahagian kita sebagai employer, kita cuma perlu pigi LHDN untuk dapatkan stamp bond (1 contract bond + 4 employment contract = RM50), pigi imigresen to submit completed borang-borang, after 3 (or 5 days) pigi imigresen ambil calling visa (if everything is ok), send calling visa to consultant (or ejen di Indonesia if you buat directly with them, which cost lesser), and go pickup the new maid at the airport (once confirmation given by ejen di Indonesia)… And of course, duit lah… Siap kan aroung 5k – 6k for everything.

I’m going thru this process again since my maid will be going back in September. I hope everything goes smoothly… Sigh…

To my useless loved-ones


Cat, Shanky & Aidil, here’s a tip for those lovely ‘morning-after’ cases;

Last evening you were drinking deep,

So now your head aches. Go to sleep;

Take some boiled cabbage when you wake;

And there’s an end of your headache.

– Alexis (c.350 BC) –


It’s getting hotter – Top 3

I hope it’s not like the “Mindy-Doo Incident”… You kno… The best singer (or perfomer, in this season’s case) of the season being kicked out before the big Kodak Theater moment…

Let’s get it on with the singing;


  • Dance Little Sister – Very energetic but not his best performance.  He sounded like almost shouting. And why are they arguing about the dancing???? If the Americans voted for Taylor Hicks, you have nothing to worry about Danny boy!
  • You Are So Beautiful – S-E-X-Y! It’s just soooo romantic. The arrangement, the singing… Sigh…


  • Apologize – He didn’t do anything different with the song but I have no issue with that. I love the performance. I’m not a fan of the song tho. And I totally agree with His-Highness. Randy and Kara chooses the song and they are not happy with it?! say whaaaaat?!!!!!!!!!
  • Heartless – I love his version of this song. Excellent… Amazing… He’s cute… Not relevant is it? Who cares???


  • One – His-Highness is a clever, clever man. The best song, from the best group. Glambert is so blessed. And his vocal… WOW!
  • Cryin’ – My biasness will never end with this guy. He sang my favorite Aerosmith song perfectly. And he is a good strategist. You CANNOT change too much with songs like that. The die hard fans will throw stones at you if you change it. If I can vote, he’ll definitely get me calling his number 10 times…

So who’s going to the final? Hard to say… The most deserving would be Adam. I can’t choose between Danny and Kris. If it’s not the “Mindy-Doo Incident”, I guess Danny would be getting the votes. If the Americans decide that Adam is just too dramatic for the show, they will terminate him this week. Well, I hope not. I can’t wait to see what trick he’s got left under his dark, dark mascara… Go Glambert!!!!

Patience is a virtue

Yes it is, but unfortunately I don’t have any… What I have is INTELLIGENCE.

I recently was “assaulted” by a road-bully wannabe. What?! What happened? Are you ok? Did you tell your mom??????

What? – “Assaulted” by a road-bully wannabe…

What happened? – He came out of a junction so fast, he almost hit my car. But being the kewl me, I just swerved and stared at him. He make face like ‘Whaaaat? Nothing happened whaaaaat!!!!’. I then showed him the finger and just drive away. And suddenly, he revved his poor, poor, battered proton saga engine, drove so fast to my side of the car, try to intimidate me by konon-konon mau langgar my car, and showed me the finger.

Are you ok? – By now, most of you will definitely say, ‘it’s your own fault! Who ask you to show finger?????’. Well my friends, as I have said earlier, unfortunately, I don’t have those ‘patient’ thingy. But I have INTELLIGENCE… By ‘intelligence’, I’m using this definition of the word; secret information about an enemy.

What did you have??? – I have his car punya nombor…

What did you do with it? – Like all good citizens of Malaysia, I reported it. Good thing also when you have a lot of friends and family working in the polis department….

And then? – They found out that the car is registered to a lady (assuming that’s his mother). Duh!!!! With that kind of attitude, he won’t go far in his dream being a race car driver… Anywhooo, they asked me if I would like to proceed with charging the dude with assault.

So? – I told them, I want him to come and apologize to me. If he does that, I’ll drop the charge. If he refuse, he will be fined. So, I’m not that heartless. I still have compassion (once I calm down… Heheheheh…)

Did you tell your mom? – I’m not scared of road bullies or lipas. I’m only scared of God and my mom. God, because He can smite you into pieces, and your mom can sumpah you jadi batu macam si Tanggang… So hell no! I’m not telling her… (AJAN; DO NOT TELL HER!!!!).

Moral of the sory? – Kepada sesiapa yang menjadi mangsa orang-orang sebegini, cara terbaik untuk mengajar diorang is to make police report. Paling minimum pun diorang punya lesen mesti kena gantung. And also, try to be patient. Don’t show finger to people. I’ve learned my lesson and WILL TRY to be more sabar next time. Padan muka sendiri…