It’s getting hotter – Top 3

I hope it’s not like the “Mindy-Doo Incident”… You kno… The best singer (or perfomer, in this season’s case) of the season being kicked out before the big Kodak Theater moment…

Let’s get it on with the singing;


  • Dance Little Sister – Very energetic but not his best performance.  He sounded like almost shouting. And why are they arguing about the dancing???? If the Americans voted for Taylor Hicks, you have nothing to worry about Danny boy!
  • You Are So Beautiful – S-E-X-Y! It’s just soooo romantic. The arrangement, the singing… Sigh…


  • Apologize – He didn’t do anything different with the song but I have no issue with that. I love the performance. I’m not a fan of the song tho. And I totally agree with His-Highness. Randy and Kara chooses the song and they are not happy with it?! say whaaaaat?!!!!!!!!!
  • Heartless – I love his version of this song. Excellent… Amazing… He’s cute… Not relevant is it? Who cares???


  • One – His-Highness is a clever, clever man. The best song, from the best group. Glambert is so blessed. And his vocal… WOW!
  • Cryin’ – My biasness will never end with this guy. He sang my favorite Aerosmith song perfectly. And he is a good strategist. You CANNOT change too much with songs like that. The die hard fans will throw stones at you if you change it. If I can vote, he’ll definitely get me calling his number 10 times…

So who’s going to the final? Hard to say… The most deserving would be Adam. I can’t choose between Danny and Kris. If it’s not the “Mindy-Doo Incident”, I guess Danny would be getting the votes. If the Americans decide that Adam is just too dramatic for the show, they will terminate him this week. Well, I hope not. I can’t wait to see what trick he’s got left under his dark, dark mascara… Go Glambert!!!!

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