To my useless loved-ones


Cat, Shanky & Aidil, here’s a tip for those lovely ‘morning-after’ cases;

Last evening you were drinking deep,

So now your head aches. Go to sleep;

Take some boiled cabbage when you wake;

And there’s an end of your headache.

– Alexis (c.350 BC) –


3 thoughts on “To my useless loved-ones

  1. thnx a lot na.
    miss us lots.i know u will.YES-that will be me almost everynite.can’t speak for the other 2… it’ll b a lot more fun a lil spaced out.a lil drunk out.:)
    take care of yerself n the fly-the ones at home n at ofis.
    no middle finger pointing on the road k.PLEASE!
    thnx for the disposables.will rip them off myself before the ONS’s…:)
    love ya.

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